13 July 2010

Speedy Chicken Nachos


What do you do when you hubby rings you up and says, "Hey hun, remember we have people coming for lunch? Have you made anything? They're arriving in five minutes...?"
OK, first you kill him. And then you make nachos.
Problem, you have no minced beef.
That's OK. We have chicken.
So we make chicken nachos. And it takes five minutes. And it's so yummy, everybody is impressed, and happy - even the fussy kids...

Easy Chicken Nachos

500g chicken meat, diced
1 can condensed tomato soup
1 can mild chilli beans
1 cup frozen corn kernels

corn chips (large bag)
grated cheese
lite sour cream

  • brown the diced chicken in a little oil until cooked through
  • tip in can of beans
  • tip in can of soup
  • tip in cup of frozen corn
  • smile at your guest who has just arrived :)

On individual plates arrange the corn chips and sprinkle grated cheese over. Microwave each plate on high for 30secs or until cheese is melted.
Spoon chilli mixture onto chips and top with a blob of sour cream.

Enjoy the fact that you have a delicious meal full of goodness ready in 10 minutes flat, fifteen tops.
(serves six)

Note: This meal is easily made gluten free by checking that (a) your chilli beans are gluten free. Some brands are. Some brands aren't. And (b) your corn chips are cluten free. Plain Doritos are GF. Most other btands are, but you need to use salted or plain (the flavourings often use wheat)

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emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

This sounds perfect! Would also fit in perfectly for my weekly post on easy meals. Would you mind if I used it as a guest recipe in the next few weeks? Head on over to my blog to see what I am talking about.

Thanks for the link to tasty tuesdays too! Always up for new recipes.

alicia said...

YUM!! So glad you are linkin this one this week. Looks yummy and easy. My kinda dish. My post is finally up and ready. Sorry it took so long. Long day and long story for later.

PaisleyJade said...

YUM!!! I always do these with beef, so I must try chicken sometime... actually, I might just pop in for lunch one day unannounced and get you to make some for me!! ;)

count it all joy said...

This looks seriously delish. Thanks for sharing. My butt doesn't thank you, but I do. That's what counts. Meredy xo.

Jen said...

yummmy good on u

banban said...

Looks sooooooo good!

Anonymous said...

mmmm I hope that when I visit for lunch you will make me that Simoney!!!
And we can eat it out on the back deck! ; )
love and light friend

hey are you going to post some pics of your time with Weza????

Anonymous said...

Yummy! And there is a good chance I can make this today LOL :) Thanks for sharing!!

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