25 July 2013

Slow Goin', Goin' Slow...

OK. So it's Thursday and I am up to my elbows in gluten free flour and eggshells as I bake up a storm for Miss Fab's 9th birthday (ice skating) party on Saturday.
There's bunting to glue, scarves to cut out of white felt and still a bunch of snowflake cookies to whip up.
My body is still aching from two days spent redecorating the birthday girl's bedroom. As you do.
All this and I promised the kids I'd take them to the movies when we finished with the baking...
(I had wanted to give making *macarons* a go but I think that might push me over the edge.)

You know how birthday weeks are. Pure madness.
I say "simple" and then, well, "simple" flies out the window with all my good intentions.

I had an awesome post in my head that I really wanted to share this week.
But then I noticed that things are pretty slow in Blogland. Not many comments.
I figure everyone is busy with school holidays. So I think I'll save that one for when everyone's back in Blog-reading mode.
It deserves an audience.

So this week I think I will put the blog to one side, officially.
I'm on a blog-go-slow until after the party and school holiday madness have died down.
See you next week with lots and lots of party-and-family fun.
Til then, Take it easy...


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