01 July 2013

A Pinch and a Punch on Grateful Monday

Happy First of July!
(Can you believe it's July already? Am I the first to say that on a blog?)
I am writing this in a rush before I dash out the door to a potentially life-changing appointment.
I have thousands of butterflies dancing in my stomach. To say I am nervous would be the understatement of the year.

Do I have time to pause and think about what I am grateful for?

I must. It's Monday.

I am grateful for warmth. A warm house, warm clothes. I remember what it was like to grow up in cold houses, where you sat on the couch wrapped in blankets because heating bills were already too high. I remember the itch and ache of chillblaned toes from sticking my feet directly on top of the pathetically inefficient Visor Fireplace, in order to warm up just a little.

Remembering those cold childhood winters makes me all the more grateful for my gas fire, my heatpump and the oil column heater (with thermostat) that we can leave on all night in Scrag's room (the coldest room of the house) so he can wake up in warmth.
And I am grateful for the ability to pay heating bills.
Cold seeps into your bones and makes you feel achey to the core.
That kind of cold is hard to shake off.
I am glad (so glad) that my children don't need to experience that.

The only kind of cold my kids know is from playing a hard game of netball - or soccer - in the rain (followed by warm showers and hot chocolate). Or by playing a fun game of muddy backyard rugby and then begging their dad to hose them down to get clean. Just for fun. (Amidst squealing and shrieks of laughter) (Followed by a warm shower and hot chocolate).

My kids don't know the cold of being poor.
For that I am incredibly grateful.

(I've been thinking about the poverty vs. parenting debate, and I have some thoughts on that which I might write about soon)

And now I am off to my appointment.
I'm going to find out if I, me, might just be on the spectrum.
Wish me luck.

Oh and "a pinch and a punch for the first of the month - no returns"

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