27 August 2013

No-Sew Fabric Bunting (that looks like it's sewn)

Just because I'm a non-sewer doesn't mean that I don't admire the beauty of well-made bunting.

I have sat and watched with envy as clever friends sewed perfectly-even triangles of coordinating fabric into glorious swathes of party bunting. 
Gone are the days when lopsided triangles hewn with pinking sheers and stapled to string would suffice for me. These days I crave perfect triangles and straight lines.

I may not be able to sew in a straight line (or have the patience to send hours hemming flags), but I can wield a glue-gun and scissors with some skill. 
So I put my thinking cap on and devised a way to make bunting that eliminates the need for sewing, while still giving me a perfect Fray-free Flag.

This post is for all the non-sewers out there, who like me, want to hang pretty bunting at their parties - without having to pay a seamstress (or enrol in night-school) to do it...

Here's What You Need:

Take your can of spray glue and spray across the width of the white felt or fabric stiffening (vilene). Spread the first piece of fabric onto the spray-glued felt; Press and smooth until it is wrinkle free. (If you want colour on both sides of your flag, spray glue the other side of the felt and press a second colour onto it).
Pin your paper flag template to the fabric.

(here's how to make a flag template in case you have no clue)

Cut out your first flag then flip your paper template over and cut out your second, then your third etc etc, until you have enough flags in this colourway

Flags with fabric spray-glued to both sides of the felt are reversible. The felt acts as a stiffener to stop fraying and allow for crisp clean lines, and a perfect fabric triangle with no sewing. Vilene is see-through and much lighter than felt but has the same effect; I found some patterned Vilene for $1.50 per metre at Geoff's Emporium and teamed it with a polka dot cotton. (Vilene is even better than felt, if you can find some)

When you have cut out enough flags, roll out the white bias binding along your table (rough side up) and position the first flags in an alternating pattern. Apply a thin line of hot glue to the bias binding under the first flag, then quickly press the flag into position. Repeat until all flags are used up. (Remember to allow a generous amount of Bias Binding on each end for hanging your bunting).

Once all the flags are attached, use hot glue to attach bias binding along the top of the flags as shown, to give a neat finish and cover up the exposed rough edge, making your bunting double-sided. Having the bias-binding on BOTH sides of the bunting  makes it look almost as if it has been sewn. Wherever you choose to hang it, it will be beautiful from all angles, back and front.

No one will be able to tell that you used glue and scissors to make such pretty, (all-but-perfect) bunting.

(P.S. Unlike quick and easy paper bunting, this no-sew fabric bunting lasts and lasts, and can be re-used again and again. It takes around the same time to make as paper bunting - but it's so much prettier).

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