26 August 2013

What am I Grateful for Today?

There is always something to be grateful for, isn't there?
Even on days when it feels like everything is in danger of turning to the worst kind of lumpy custard, still there are some blessings, hidden SOMEWHERE if we take the time to look.

This is the essence of The Grateful Project. It prompts me to stop and look, on the days when it's not so obvious.
Today just might be one of those days. 
I've had a few of those recently, the kind where your heart sinks when your child turns to you ate the dinner table and says, "What are YOU grateful for today mum? and the first thing that pops in your head is: "That today is nearly over."

It's so easy to start on a downward spiral, to slide down the slippery slope of doubt and negativity, isn't it?
Today my medicine was searching for some quotes about gratitude and turning them into these graphics in PicMonkey (Pin them if you like them).

As I was googling "gratitude quotes", I found it curious to come across quotes by people like Friedrich Nietzsche, who talked about gratitude as a trap, a rope that binds, and a weight. (e.g. "There are slavish souls who carry their appreciation for favors done them so far that they strangle themselves with the rope of gratitude.") 
As if being grateful was something negative?!?!
I fear Mr Nietsche and his ilk completely missed the point.
Gratitude frees you. It lifts you. It is good for your soul.

So on this grey day, I am challenging myself to come up with FIVE things I am grateful for. If you're feeling a little but "under it". Wanna join me?

I am grateful for each one of my precious children. I love their humour, their warmth and affection. I love that we grew closer while it was just the four of us. I love their company. Each one of them is a gift and a blessing to my life.

I am grateful for my home. I love it. I am blessed to live in it.

I am grateful for friends. Always and always I am grateful for the beautiful women in my life. Connecting with friends is a wonderful spirit-lifter.

I am grateful for sunshine. It might be grey today but the sun is still there behind the clouds. I am grateful for it's consistency in coming up every morning, without fail. I am grateful that the seasons keep on keeping on, and spring is now mere days away.

I am grateful for Jane, my counsellor. Where would I be without her wisdom?

I did it. FIVE THINGS.

Now it's your turn: What are YOU grateful for today? (Leave a comment, or use the hashtag on Instagram/Twitter and/or link up a blog post in the linky)

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Gratefully Yours,

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