16 August 2013

Download Free Fonts: My August Favourites

I Love Fonts. When I was polytech (doing the course where they never even bothered to print the certificates) Typography as one of my favourite subjects.
If you've followed my blog for any length of time you'll have seen how often I switch up all the fonts here.
On Pinterest I love to browse for other people's font recommendations - so helpful, so purty.
So today I decided to put together a font collection of my own, after scrolling through DaFont.com
I think I might do this on a semi regular basis, so all you fellow fontphiles out there can discover some new and lovely typographic gems.

Here is August's Font collection:
(click on the link under the graphic to download the font you want for free, from DaFont.com)


  • Download the free font onto your computer and save it somewhere accessible and easy to find
  • Click on the downloaded file and extract the fonts straight into your Windows/Fonts folder
  • Have fun creating headers, buttons, and printables of all kinds!


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