29 August 2013

Blogging about Blogging...

I've been reading some very interesting articles lately, on blogs.
There's a lot of good stuff out there!
It's always inspiring to come across blogs that make you think, and bloggers who read your mind and write what you wish you had written...

Here's a couple of the posts I've read and LOVED recently, from around the blogosphere...

A Letter to Miley Cyrus by iamRihanna

After all the hooha and media frenzy about Miley's OTT performance at the VMA's, this blog post was a shining light of reason. Rihanna (not the singer, just a young blogger) wrote what I had been thinking. I had foolishly been drawn into a discussion on FaceBook, on a friend's post, and the comments some of the ladies were making just left me bamboozled. When I stumbled over this blog post, I had to share it, everywhere.
It would seem lots of people felt the same way - the post went viral overnight, and this blogger who had struggled to get 400 pageviews a day, all of a sudden had over a million hits.
That's the power of social media.
(Gosh darnit, if only I'd written that post, right?? Ha!)

Blog School on Village Voices: Collaboration by Pip Lincolne

Pip writes about the new environment of blogging, and wonders what happened to the days when a post would generate comments and interaction, and there was a wonderful supportive blogging community.
This one really resonated with me, as I had also been pondering a drop-off in comments and interaction and wondered, What have I done? Where is everybody?
It was nice to realise it's not just me who's feeling it.
I mean my stats are the best ever, but it's the connection, the sense of blogging community that seems to have slipped. A lot of my blog friends from the early years have either given up blogging completely or blog (and comment) rarely. I'm sure these newfangled mobile devices which make commenting trickier have a lot to do with the comment/feedback drop-off too.
But the article made me decide to redouble my efforts to be a nice supportive interactive commenty blogger. It's the community and connection that is the real pay-off when it comes to blogging. Without that, as a writer, you feel like you're just talking to yourself.
As a result, I aim to be more generous with my social media sharing. If I stumble across a post I love I plan to FB it, tweet it, G+ it... heck even blog about it (like I am now). So watch out. I could be coming for you.

Dear Blogger, Just Write by Deb at Works in Progress

Again with this post, a lovely blogger has read my mind. Deb (a personal fave, both In Real Life and in Blogland) has written a from-the-heart appeal to bloggers to stop second guessing themselves and tying themselves in knots trying to please everybody, and just write.
I loved her post, so full of goshdarnit good sense. So of course I shared it.

....and finally. The post that had me almost peeing myself laughing...

The Brutal Truth About the Third Child by Shannon at Relentless

All I can say is that if you are the proud owner of three (or more) children, read this while wearing a Tena pad. It's just so flippin hilarious, funny and TRUE. I'll say no more, just read.

Before I sign off and go do some kids-bedroom-swilling or dust-bunny bashing, I'd love to challenge you to join me in being more generous with our sharing of each other's great blog posts.
If a blog post tickles you, why not click a share button?
Like it? Share it!
Loved it? Let the author know.
Just a thought.

(P.S. If you're a blogger, have you noticed changes in the blog community? A drop off of comments and interaction? If so, what do you put it down to?) 

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