15 August 2013

If I Didn't Laugh I'd Cry

[a Miss fab selfie, pre-DIY-haircut]

Actually no, I DID cry.
My husband has been away for two weeks and this morning I "hit the wall".
I was in the bedroom crying over Scrag's messy bedroom and other last-straw-like events, when my eldest son Dash comes up and says: "Mum you need a hug..."

While he's hugging me so kindly I say: "It's just hard doing it on your own and not having someone to lean on..."
And HE says: "Here mum... lean on the wall!"

He was dead serious, he thought I needed to literally lean on something, bless him.

Dash was amazing this morning. He scootered with Scrag to school (after making his breakfast) and was very patient with his little brother and helpful to his mum. He's a great kid.

This was particularly a blessing because Miss Fab was refusing to go to school...

(The Backstory: she broke her elbow on Friday, just to keep things interesting. The cast is on her left hand. She's left handed. She can't get to sleep because of the discomfort. She is tired. She had a meltdown and refused to go to school...)

I tried to call my hubby and finally got through after three hours (he's in Prague) but had to hang up when I realised someone was weeping disconsolately in the background...

The weeping child was (of course) The Fab. She had tried cutting her fringe (a trick she has never grown out of) with her right arm (remember, she's left-handed) and was upset with (a) the result and (b) the fact she knew I was going to be really really mad. I found her hiding under her covers...

And so life goes on in the madhouse that is my temporarily one-parent household.

One more week til daddy comes home and I can collapse in a heap... ha!

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