09 August 2013

A 'Things I'm Loving' Post

"Lovely weather we're having, eh wot?!"
Supposedly it's still the middle of winter, yet it feels as warm and balmy as Spring.
I'm loving the ability to drop the kids at school and head to my local "mountain" for a peaceful stroll.

I'm loving my ipod and listening to music which stills my soul, as I walk around my mountain and admire my the view of my city. Lets be honest, I've managed it ONCE this week. But still, I loved it.

I'm also loving my city...

There are plenty of Auckland-knockers out there, but for me, there's no other place I'd rather live.
Where else in the world could I be surrounded on every side by beaches, have a nature walk at the end of my (suburban) street and though living in a big city, still be part of an awesome supportive local community?

So yeah, I love Auckland.
And this week I've been loving showing my city to my Wellingtonian friend, Nikki...

[Nikki up Mt Eden - that's a volcanic crater behind her]

Nikki (who blogs at Life's Wonderful Happenings) is living and teaching in London but is back visiting family in NZ. She took time to hop on a plane and come visit Auckland (and me) for the very first time. She's a brave girl, rooming with me and my kids in what could have been complete chaos and anarchy with Mr G away in the UK....

I'm going to invite her right now to come and offer her thoughts on the realities of staying at the Mad Fun House with us...
I've had the pleasure of not only getting to visit Auckland for the first time but to hang out with one of the most amazing people in the world. Simone has taken the time to show me the awesome sights of Auckland and let me be part of her family for 3 days. She's pretty choice, the kids are pretty choice - what more could I ask for? We've had so many hilarious laughs and awesome chats, which I'm sure has made Auckland all the more better! It's actually a pretty awesome city, way more spread out than I thought, and I just feel super lucky to have had this opportunity! 

Awwww! I didn't make her say that honest!!! (I walked away while she typed and came back to find that lovely message).

In return, it has been awesome having Nikki stay with us. She has fitted in really easily with the kids, and hasn't minded playing basketball with Scrag or watching Miss Fab's netball. She's even put up with us watching House Rules every night. We did have a few laughs trying to decide whether to go "on the ferry or the Sky Tower". We kept missing the ferry, so in the end, opted for the Sky Tower...

[Nikki up the Sky Tower; scared of heights but still smiling]
We will miss Nikki when she goes (later today) *sniff* but I will console myself with my new vintage luggage...

I've been on a bit of a decluttering spree, in an attempt to restore some order to my world. I was drowning in kids (and hubby's) shoes, and decided I'd rather get some quirky TradeMe bargains to house our collection, rather than some plastic fantastics.

The above suitcases are genuine immigrants' trunks; the yellowish one from the 1930s, the blue one belonged to some "£10 Poms" - immigrants to New Zealand in the 1960s. I bought them for $25 each.
One contains our "Emergency kit" and the other hides my own pitiful shoe collection.

The kids are a bit mystified why I want to own such rusty old suitcases, but I LOVE my new storage solutions...

(This one now houses the mountain of kids shoes)

And of course, I'm loving that it's FRIDAY.

That's just a few of the Things I'm Loving this week....

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