30 August 2013

Angels Wanted - Apply Within

Do you have a little angel or two lurking around the place?
I am working on updating the illustrations in my Christmas Book, in readiness for a publisher (crossing fingers), or failing that, for an updated version on Blurb in time for Christmas until the book deal comes...

I'm simplifying the layout and just using lots and lots of angels. Kid angels.
Real kids, photographed happy, sad, angry, shocked, thoughtful, dreamy, gorgeous, cheeky...
With the magic of Photoshop I add wings and turn them into angels.

Til now I have just used photos of my own three kids... but I'd like to invite you to send me photos of your little (cheeky, quirky, adorable) angels for inclusion in my book.

What's in it for you? If chosen, your child will be in my book. You will get a photo credit and (if wanted) your child's name in the credits. If I get a book deal, you'll get a bunch of copies of the book, starring your child as an angel (amongst others).

If I'm not successful (yet) I'll send you copy of the book at my expense, as a way of saying thank you.

What I'm looking for:

  • Kids of all shapes and sizes and colours
  • A wide range of facial expressions - the angels are surprised and shocked a lot in my story, after all.
  • Good quality photos, nice light and clarity, decent resolution
  • A couple of photos of the same child if possible
  • Clothing - white or light coloured clothing preferred but not essential, angel outfits not required
If you would like to have your child/ren considered for inclusion in my book as angels, please email photos to: greatfun4kids@live.com.
Be sure to include your name (for photo credit) and your angels' names, and write this line in your email: I give my permission for Simone Graham to use my photos in her book, An Unexpected Christmas.


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