03 March 2014

The Life and Times of *Action Girl*

When we walk into our local White Cross accident and emergency clinic, the doctor sees us coming and says, "Hello Abby, what are you in for this time?"
Yes, they know my daughter by name up there.
It's kind of a joke amongst us that that place is like a home from home for Miss Fab (a.k.a. "Action Girl"). A joke that isn't really that funny, cos it's so flippin annoying.

We know all the best and worst times to hit the clinic (first thing in the morning = good; after school on a Friday or anytime on a Saturday = BAAAAAAD).
We know never to go straight to Starship, always go to White Cross first (they give morphine before they xray if the break looks bad and they call ahead to the hospital so they have a bed ready and waiting).
We know better than to hope that a badly landed somersault doesn't require crutches or a splint; a trip to White Cross will be necessary. Best to get it over and done with or the guilt will be extortionate when you take her in four days later and she needs a cast after all.

This is what comes of having an Action Girl for a daughter. A girl who never sits still for a moment but who gobbles up life like it's a giant bowl of goody gumdrop icecream. A girl who espouses the principle that trees are for climbing and why walk when you can cartwheel?

Here she is the time-before-last, sporting a purple cast. That time it was a trampoline accident; she landed a backflip awkwardly, as you do. Photo circa six months ago.

Here's a collection of some of her earlier injuries and escapades, dating right back to when she was just 18 months old. Little Action Girl thought she could climb on top of the playhouse roof without incident, but gravity got the best of her; her little baby arm was snapped right through when she fell.
We spent two days in the hospital that time, her arm needing an operation to straighten the bones.
A month later she slipped on a shiny floor and ended up with a matching fluoro pink cast on her leg. Two casts, one baby girl. I was afraid to go out in public.

There have been so many ACC forms filled out for this girl, crutches borrowed and casts worn, that someone suggested we get her eyes tested...
But nope. There is no vision impairment - she's just an Action Girl in a big hurry.

This latest injury (green cast, this time) really takes the cake. Who would think swimming could land you in a cast, after all?
Action Girl was doing swimming sports at school. She came second in the heats for freestyle and backstroke, and got through to the semifinals.
At semi-final time, she came second in freestyle! Wahoo! Through to the finals!
Now for the backstroke... she's coming second again.... OUCH! She's slammed her wrist right into the concrete edge of the pool! Didn't see it coming.
Now she's crying, cradling her arm.
Poor girlie. Wrap her in a towel, cuddle her and dry her tears.
Ooh it's coming up with a lump and a bruise.
But she wants to swim in the final.
The gun goes off... Oh dear. She's sinking in the water, crying and cradling her poor injured arm.
Poor, brave Action Girl.
Off to White Cross we go.
"Hello Abby, what are you here for this time?" the friendly doctor says.

The X-rays are inconclusive. It could be a crack in the growth plate or simply a sprain. They give us a velcro splint and tell us to come back in a week. Time will tell.

The timing couldn't be worse. Action Girl has her free trial for Cheerleading coming up.
Even though she's in a splint we go along anyway.
Action Girl is jumping out of her skin to join in. This is so her. Cartwheeling, handstanding and stunting; the kids don't sit still for a moment. She is bursting to show them what she can do, aching to demonstrate her one-handed cartwheels. Even splinted-up she does what she can. She is Action Girl after all.

"Oh mum, I love this! I so want to do it! This is totally ME!" she enthuses after the class.  (I try to ignore the girls in hairbows and hotpants who are lining up at the door for the next class. Eek.)

Action Girl is desperate for her arm to be better, ASAP. She tries to go without the splint, but can't make it more than half a morning before the pain reduces her to tears.
Back to the clinic we go. Another day, another cast.

As you can see, Action Girl was not impressed with her new green cast. Cheerleading must be put off for another term, cartwheeling must wait, along with swimming, trampolining, climbing trees and all those other Action Girl faves.

Poor ole Action Girl. ♥

Do you have one of these in your family? A girl (or boy) who lives life at breakneck speed and lands you in the A&E clinic on a regular basis?

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