06 March 2014

My "Just Plain Party" Challenge...

When we were camping in January, I was sitting reading in my moonchair one evening, and overheard my youngest two nattering away about their parties. It should be explained that my kids start thinking about their next party pretty much while we are still sweeping up from their last one. (Hardly surprising with a party nut for a mother, I spose)

So there they are discussing what they each wanted for their party this year, and what did I hear?
Scrag saying: "This year I want a just plain party. I just want balloons and pass the parcel and those red sausages and normal party food."

Well blow me down.
After years of themed parties, entailing months of planning and making, my little guys is dreaming of a "just plain party".

It rather caught my fancy, I must say. The novelty of throwing a party with no theme!
My naughty party mad blog-brain started picturing vintage bunting and whimsical old fashioned gorgeousness, but I had to give myself a little shake.
My son was not asking for a vintage whimsical old fashioned party. He wants a JUST PLAIN PARTY.

How do I do that? Where is the challenge? How do I get to use my creativity without going overboard? How can I give my little lad what he wants (a plain party) while still making it... Fabulous. Fun. Festive.

I have been pondering this since January, and I've come up with a plan.

This year all my parties are going to be done on the cheap.

I am setting myself The Just Plain Party Challenge, with a total budget of $100 maximum for everything. Food, decorations, invitations, activities, drinks... the lot.

I'm going to demonstrate that a wonderful time can be had by all at a fab and fun party without breaking the bank or having an embolism.
I'm going to use my creativity to upcycle, create, find, reuse, hunt down, make and borrow everything that we need for a fabulous party without stress or fuss.

What do you reckon? Not a bad challenge aye?
I plan to track my spending and stick to my budget. (Now I need to find a good simple app for this purpose - recommendations welcome!)

To help me refrain from getting carried away, I sat down last night and asked my son: "What do you want? To Eat? For Games? Activities?"

Bless him, it's so flippin simple this is going to be a doddle.

Scrag's Just Plain Party Plan

Red cocktail sausages, donuts, cupcakes, jelly & icecream, apple shapes, mini hotdogs, pikelets with sprinkles, chippies.

TO DRINK: Lemonade

Pass the Parcel, Sack races, Musical Chairs, Hide'n'seek/tag and a treasure hunt

He also wants to put out all our Dressups, have some face-painting and get Miss fab to take photos of his friends dressed up.

Balloons. Lots and lots of balloons. Bunting will be accepted as well. And the lemonade stand, of course.

"Chocolate, please mum. With a number six on it."  (Are you sure I can't convince you to have a rainbow marble cake, son? Maybe in the shape of a six?)

"Anything you make for me, mum. I love everything you make."


How much easier could this be???
Hang up lots of balloons and bunting... voila! A party we shall have.

The guest list has stretched from "six friends" to "nine friends...please?" (he wants to invite girls this year). But still, that's not too many at all.

Scrag is so excited about his party, and especially that he is helping to plan every detail. Each morning he comes in my bed and says, "I just can't wait til my party, mum; only 38 more days to go!"
Bless him.

His Just Plain Party dream is going to be realised. Heck I'm actually really looking forward to this!

P.S. If you have any tips for economical clever decorating tips, fun party food, upcycling ideas, please share them with me.

And if you want to join in my Party Challenge (throwing a party on a budget of $100 or less) let me know - maybe we can make it "a thing" if there's enough interest

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