25 March 2014

Slice of Life (ouch)

So, Ouch. My back has gone.
That dodgey disc in my lower back has pinged like back in the bad old days and I am hobbling round like an old crone, pretty much useless to anyone.

I can't sit here for long, but then I can't sit or stand or lie anywhere for long.
It hurts no matter what I do.
In which case I might as well suck up some pain and at least not be bored, type a few random thoughts, post up some photos.

These snaps of the kids running with their dad are from Sunday and I rather fancy them, although you should be glad it's not a video with all the complaining, moaning and whingeing that went along with it. Stills are so much more peaceful than clips-with-a-soundtrack.

(Do you ever wish you had a mute button for your life? Or at least for your kids?)
No? Oh, just me then.)

Life is so loud. I now carry earplugs with me everywhere I go, just in case.
Sound layered upon sound pelts the senses like a hailstorm. A bombardment. Every scritch and crunch of packets opening, doors banging, feet thumping, taps running, jugs boiling, loos flushing, voices laughing/singing/calling/shouting... Ouch.

Do you ever experience life this way? Where sound hurts?

I've been doing pretty well, overall. Regarding the depression, anxiety et al., now I'm back on the happy pills, but still. Some days/weeks are better than others.
I think Pain makes everything louder, everything harder.
It makes your fuse shorter and your tone snappier.
I've been snapping and growling like a mutt with a thorn in its paw since my back went out.
Pity these poor buggers who have to live with me.
They're lucky to get dinner on the table. And Poor Neglected Husband has had the flu but not a lot of sympathy.

Is there a point to all this? No, not really.
I just sat down to write something, anything, and since my back is giving me grief what came out is this. A bit of a whinge.

So let's fix that shall we? Look on the bright side? Find the gratefuls?

OK, Simoney, Ten Good Things.... GO!
  1. The kids are getting better at being independant, making their lunchboxes etc. That really helps.
  2. Hubby just found some Voltaren I didn't know we had - that's got to help.
  3. It's a beautiful day
  4. I have Hot Cross Buns. And a Nespresso machine.
  5. The dishwasher and washing machine do the scrubbing for me.
  6. I'm in the middle of my best ever month on my little Etsy Shop, and I'm getting great reviews
  7. I've lost TEN KILOS since December. Don't ask me how, I have no idea - it certainly wasn't from running (I'm just not that hungry anymore)
  8. The jeans I haven't been able to squeeze into for four years are now too big
  9. Hachette have added me to their book reviewers list (at last!) and are going to send me "Dreams of Gods and Monsters" (see, I am so blessed)
  10. My kitchen makeover is coming along nicely; it may be currently halted due to back injury but I can see it starting to come together and we will get there.

OK, just look how easy that was? Did it take me long to find ten things to be grateful for? No. And I could have gone on... about how much I'm looking forward to bookclub on Thursday, about how glad I am to be able to write for my favourite Parenting magazine on a regular basis; about how glad I am that my kids have awesome teachers and are working hard at school (ALL of them).

About how grateful I am that Dash has settled in so well at Intermediate and has so many friends. About how grateful I am that we can get Miss Fab assessed for Dyslexia and know one way or the other, so if she is like me (as I suspect she might be) she won't have to struggle like I did. How blessed I am to have a sweet almost-six-year-old who lays out his clothes at night and makes his lunchbox ready for the morning. How he is so excited to come home and do Mathletics, how he wants to do homework.

Once you start looking for things to be grateful for, it's like unstopping a dam. It's a river that can't be stopped, a flood that keeps on pouring.

Ah and it feels so much nicer to write all of that than to whinge.
The very act of gratitude is like a tonic.
So I have a really sore back and can't walk very fast or bend very far... but I also have breath, I have sunshine, I have family. And I am grateful.

How's your little slice of life? Want to share your gripes or gratefuls?

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