01 June 2011

WW: Anatomy of a Winner

I never dreamed I'd have a daughter who could run like the wind.
But there she is.

On the morning of the Junior School Cross Country she was pumped.
"I think I should come second... or maybe third," she told us at breakfast.
Daddy told her, Always believe you can win. You can do anything if you believe it, he said.

I was just hoping she wouldn't be disappointed if she came fourth... or tenth. Silly me.

This girl was ready to run. She fizzed and popped waiting for the "ready, set, GO".

She knew she could do it. When she raced out of camera view she was sitting in third place.
Later she told me the girl in first place fell. As Miss Fab went past her she paused to help her up. She's that kind of girl. Kind, yes. But there was a race to run, so she kept running...

{In training she held the hand of a girl with asthma; helped her up the hill. Amazing.}

As they rounded the corner... was that my girl in first?? Yes! Yes!! There she is, she doesn't see me. She's intent on her goal. The girl in blue, a Year Six pace-setter. The girl in second... the one Miss Fab helped up.

That's the school Principal, cheering her on.
Now comes the agonising wait. The part of the course out of view.
Heart thumping. Pulse racing.
And that's just me.

And finally she came. Around the corner, up the home strait... way out in front.
I can't describe the emotions as I watched her win the race.
There were tears. Some jumping. And much screaming.

As she crossed the finish line, my girl's legs gave way and she collapsed on the grass.
She had given 100%.

Can you see me there with my camera? These photos were snapped by Meg.

This one made me laugh... check out the pearls?!?!

And this one? Well this one just makes me grin from ear to ear.
My daughter. A True Winner.

PS: Once again apologies for the inclusion of some words.
I tried. I really did.

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meg said...

She did so well! Simone really you should call it "Wordy Wednesday" ;o)

Elizabeth said...

Wahoo - go Miss Fab, awesome stuff!

Dee said...

Wow!!! Go Miss Fab!!! What an unbelievably proud mummy you must be!!!

jacksta said...

Way to go miss Fab! You might just want to call it Wednesday! ;)

Sophie said...

Yay yay yay for Miss Ab Fab! How exciting!!

Stasha said...

Well done! You must be one proud mama :)

PaisleyJade said...

So proud of her - well done!! Beautiful pics.

Jen said...

I always came first at the wrong end at school

Feona said...

Wow!!! Congratulations for her win. Also loved the pics. Your angel looks so sweet. Loved the post. Thanks for sharing.

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Broot said...

Tino pai Miss Fab! Congratulations!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Wow Miss Fab good on you! Love that self belief and determination didn't stop you from showing a caring heart to help others along the way. That shows such a beautiful heart - simone you are totally justified being the proudest mumma around!

Rebecca said...

yay!! You captured the moment so well!

Our Whanau said...

Go Abs!! Always a winner!!

(P.S. Simone - shocker with the wordless! Hahahaha!)

Unknown said...

Congrats to her and you! What a great accomplishment!

Sima J said...

woo hoo what at achievement well done :-)

Lyns said...

Miss Fab you are awesome, congratulations.

Think you might be a wee be proud of your daughter Simoney??!! You and R are raising some pretty special kids xx

Unknown said...

I have to admit, I got a little emotional reading this post! I was cheering her on from the beginning! Congrats to your sweet girl for realizing her dream of winning that race.

Renee said...

a) how cute is she???
b) how clever is she???
c) how proud are you???

So so cool - congratulations - what a winner - channeling all that energy into something she can feel amazing about!

Catching the Magic said...

Wowzers! AMAZING! Love the way you wrote this post too. Congrats to your fabulous daughter. So inspiring.

Anonymous said...

What a girl........sob sob sob....I am so proud of her.Granny Winnie xxx (snif snif snif)

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