17 June 2011

Loving (and Grateful for) Gifts

A tiny gift, handed over with love.
"For Mon," from a sweet cheeked boy.
Love it.

The gift of a pair of sweet-cheeked boys.
The gift of their friendship, their energy, laughter.

The gift of a backyard. A pirate ship. A bevy of Sea Captains.

The gift of sunshine on a winters day.
Leaves to crunch. Games to play. Love it.

The gift of hugs.

The gift of mothers.
My mother who is moving to my city (my dad too). Grateful.

The gift of friends.
The gift of this friend, blog-met through another blog-friend; moved here from a distant city
Her family now a part of our lives. Her children, loved by me and mine.
Grateful. Loving them.

The gift of writing.
Words and thoughts shared.
My words and thoughts shared in print.
My name. In print.

Grateful. Loving it.

Also loving these inspiring reads...

The gift of a new day.
A husband who gets up at sparrow's fart to drive the car to school (then bike home) before work
So the car is waiting for me there after I finish my walking bus duty
So I can get Scrag to kindy on time
for his first Thursday morning session.
My husband went out of his way to make my day easier. I felt so loved. So cared for.
So grateful.

The gift of Hope.
Hope that things can get better.
That things can change.
Grateful. Very very grateful.
And loving so many gifts.

{Joining in with these lovely girls...}


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Renee said...

Oooooh - I think I shall have to pop out and buy that magazine now! Of course to see your lovely name in print, but also because I see on the front 'Should you have another baby? What's the ideal age gap between siblings?' and I NEED the answer to both of those questions haha!

Love the little people friend cuddles - CUTE!

Love you for loving me and talking about me AGAIN - I practically feel famous now too!

Lucky you having your parents moving closer - very jealous!

PaisleyJade said...

Just love this Simoney! Love the beautiful friends, love your photography and can't wait to see the latest mag with your writing in it! xoxo

Alison said...

Awesome post Simone! So many things to be grateful for if we just stop a minute and look.

And how exciting, to be published!! Yay! Have a beautiful weekend!

Anonymous said...

these are good things friend
love the Lyn and you connection too, so so very very good!!!!

love and light

Lyns said...

Wow Simone, I am kinda speechless...brings a tear to my eye. So cool that we have formed such a good friendship and that our kids adore each other. great photos.
Hmm okay maybe not speechless after all!!
Thank you, am very touched

Hootnz said...

Gorgeous photos of your kids, especially love "the gift" photo, says it all... how neat to have your name in writing, must be very satisfying :)

Jen said...

neat list :)

bless that sweet cheeked boy

its been such nice weather hasnt it
however was very cold here :(

LOVE that sound of autumn leaves

also LOVE hugs

it will be nice for your parents to live closer

bless your hubby

Cat said...

LOVING you had a photo of movie night with the kids .. .. .. I did this with my two this evening and it was FANTASTIC - LOVED it - I'm sure the memories of popcorn and yogi bear will out weigh memories of a tidy house (well that is what I'm telling myself)

Anonymous said...

Lovely catch-up read and love your list of loves x

Dee said...

Wow, what a beautiful post. Again. That daisy. Those feet in the leaves. Warm sunny winter's days. LOVE IT! How very cool about the parenting mag, will have to go grab a copy. You write so well. Loving what your loving! xx

gail said...

Another lovely post my friend. Love the pics, the heart, the hope, the friends - and big ups to Mr G for his awesomeness in helping you out!!

Love you heaps. Will try to skype next week - am having a few technical difficulties at the mo, but hopefully they will be short term!x

Unknown said...

I had a grateful day recently myself. Grateful for friends who spend the day at the beach with you, then offer to carry your bags. Grateful for the birthday I've been dreading, realizing I should be grateful instead of alarmed at turning 30 when Brian almost lost his life last year. Grateful to still be able to have an outlet for writing, despite my lack of creativity lately. Grateful for things to occupy my mind--like a certain someone's book club!! Love this post--your writing feels like poetry to me.

Maxabella said...

Congrats on getting published! That must feel terrific.

Lovely post, Simoney - the photos, your words, everything. x

Catching the Magic said...

Wow! This is an amazing post and your photographs and words combine are stunning - like reading one of those 'tear jerker' photo/caption books.

Very uplifing post too and hope you and your family are having a lovely weekend x

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