26 June 2011

Still Walking with a Limp

Know anybody perfect?
Anybody without flaws, imperfections, weaknesses?
Nah, me neither.
I think we all have them, don't we?

Things we struggle with, our private battles, our nemeses and giants.
My giant is no secret - I have battled depression for the past 10 years, and continue to live in its shadow.

If you watch me walk through life for long enough, you will notice that I have this "limp".
It aint pretty. But a while back I decided there was no point hiding it.
Better to say, Yes I limp. Yes I struggle.
You'll figure it out eventually anyway.
And its nothing to be ashamed of.

Just as the grit inside an oyster shell irritates it, this weakness irritates me.
But like the oyster, an irritation can actually become something beautiful if I let it.
Turn my pain into a pearl. Turn this weakness into a strength. Turn my struggle into a story of hope.

Here's one of my favourite verses:

"My grace is sufficient for you; my strength is made perfect in weakness..."
2 Corinthians 12:9

Or, as another version puts it: "My power shows up best in weak people."

It's this "thorn in my side" that has taught me empathy.
It gives me a point of identification with others: If she can (and she struggles) maybe I can too...?

God doesn't use me in spite of my weakness. He uses me because of my weakness.
Did you think He is could only use the strong, the self-satisfied, the ones who are all-together?
No. The opposite is true. The following verse has been the theme of my life...

"Think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are..."
1 Corinthians 1:26-28

Because I am weak I know I can't do my life on my own. I know I need help.

Today I wanted to share something to encourage anyone who is struggling or feeling like they are useless, hopeless, unworthy.
I was reminded of this post I wrote two years ago, Walking with a Limp.
As true as the post was then, it is even more true now.

I have continued to walk with a limp.
But in spite of that God has been gracious; he has taken my weakness, my "limp", and given me something to share with you all. A way to encourage those on the same journey. He has brought many women across my path who I have been able to encourage and connect with.

Not because I am strong, but because I share their weakness.
My struggles are not a disqualification; they are bridge to connect me to others.
In the midst of my struggles I can still have a voice.
Even though I am a work in progress, I still have something to offer.
God doesn't wait til I am "all better" - he will take what I can offer him now, here, as I am.
In my weakness he gives me a voice to speak.

How did Jesus feed the 5000? With a little boy's lunch.
He takes what little we have and can turn it into something powerful... if we offer it up to Him.

Have a blessed Sunday

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Catherine said...

Wow, so glad I stopped by for a read today(long time reader, first time poster). Thanks for the encouragement:)

Jen said...

LOVE that verse :)

enjoyed reading this

He loves, cares and is there for us much much more than we deserve :) :)
for that I am eternity grateful

Renee said...

Super special post. I love that verse and how it can apply to anyone feeling vulnerable or lost. And the person who admits to having a weakness is stronger than the one who appears to have none - because ALL of us do have them.

Gail said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah! And your limp has helped hard-arsed people like me become more empathetic toooooo!! Preach it friend. Yours is a story, journey that will give strength and encouragement to others. I know I've taken from it and learned from it and have been able to share from it - here in CHINA!
You're awesome.

Nikki said...

This was such a lovely post. I have also suffered from depression through my teen years. I feel like I'm strong now to not let it get the better of me. I just keep re-reading this post, love the song too :) x

Cat said...

THANKYOU for this post - it has come at a time when I really needed to read it xxx
Yesterday was a BAD day ;'( but I'm determined today will be GOOD and the person who brings me down will NOT win this time.
My thoughts are with you xxx

Sophie said...

Thank you Simoney. You've reminded me not despise myself for my limp, my imperfections. Its so easy to accept other people where they are at, less so to accept oneself.

Anonymous said...

you are beautiful!
and yes you can.....

love and light

Unknown said...

Love this post- found you from Jen- you list a couple of my favorite verses here & I just used the "Five loaves 2 Fishes" lesson for our children's church- love it!

My "limp" is sometimes an actual limp. I write from my bed- in between adventures with my boys- God gives me grace to face the pain and the strength to be "OK" with my weakness. For some it may be the other way around- but for me it is very difficult to HAVE to be in bed some/ a lot. Waiting on my healing..... believing!
- a Christian sister from the other side of the earth-

Natasha in Oz said...

You are so inspirational in the way you share your personal stories, Simoney. You really touch many people with your honesty and true faith. Thank you.

I am so glad you shared this song for Sunday Song. Thank you.I'm sorry I didn't come by earlier but we had a break at the beach.

Take care and be strong!

Blessings and best wishes,

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