06 March 2015

A Glimpse of the Future?

For posterity, I'm writing this story down, so one day we can all say, "We knew it! We knew that boy would go far!"

This is a Scrag story, a wee glimpse into his future and the man he might become.
Bear with me while I paint the picture...

Scrag is the youngest, and has only recently started getting pocket money, which we noticed him saving diligently and counting regularly.
When before our aunty and uncle from England returned home last month, they gave each of the kids $50, which Scrag raced to add to his growing stash.

He now had $80 saved - a lot of money for a six year old. We went shopping for a toy he really wanted, but he only spent $30, saying "I'm saving the rest."
(All this so you know that Scrag is a diligent saver who is careful with his money.)

[Scrag with Grandad on father's Day last year]

Scrag is amazing at maths. He is two maths stages ahead of where he needs to be, so although he has to work super hard at reading and writing (which leads me to suspect he may have my dyslexia) he is amazingly bright, intuitive, canny and insightful as well as "a maths genius". The questions he asks and the things he intuits are really beyond what is usual for his age, and numbers just seem to make sense to him in a way that is a complete mystery to me!

The other day we were driving somewhere and out of the blue Scrag announced:

"When I grow up I'm not going to have a job working for someone else. I'm going to make my own job and be my own boss."

Wow. What six year old says things like that??? The thing is, when he said it his words had a ring of truth to them.
Scrag, I reckon you just made a true prediction. With your maths genius and canny brain, I can totally see you being an amazingly successful businessman, with your own company, being your own boss.

[Playing cards at Lake Taupo with our Aunty Irene from England - using the Hobbiton playing cards]

Now comes the bit that melts my mother-heart.
Last night my parents were over for our Thursday Night Grandparents Dinner (woop) and they told me the story of a conversation they had with Scrag.

They were playing cards using our Hobbiton card pack, and my mum said something about how she wanted to go to see Hobbiton but it is so expensive so she's been saving her pennies, and her birthday money but her birthday money got all used up paying to get things fixed on the car, doctors etc so now it's all gone and she didn't get to buy anything for her birthday.

Scrag says to her, "Nan, wait here. I've got a birthday present for you."
He runs out of the room and comes back a moment later with his hands behind his back.
"Close your eyes, Nan, and hold out your hands..." he says. "Now open them!"
My mum opens her eyes, and there is Scrag's treasured $50 note, lying in her hands.

Just like that, he had run and gotten the money he had diligently saved and gave it away without a second thought.

(Mum went on to tell how after she gave him back his $50 and insisted he keep it, he said, "OK well I have another present for you. Close your eyes again..."
Then she felt his warm little arms thrown around her middle, with a "Love you Nan, Happy Birthday! And one for Grandad too!")

[We are loving our Thursday Dinners  with Nan and Grandad. NOTE TO SELF: Take more photos!]

So there we go.
A glimpse into my youngest son's generous heart, and I think a glimpse into his future.
I believe he will be a man who is good with money, but who gives generously of his resources.
A businessman philanthropist. That's my prediction. And now I've written it down.
Let's see if I'm right.

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