04 December 2012

Ice Age 4 Landed in Our Mailbox

I know my kids love me. They even like me most of the time. But sometimes they get annoyed that I am blogger. They get irritated when I interrupt their Club Penguin-ing to check my comments. They get sick of the camera always in their face. They groan and say, "Uhhhh! I spose you're gonna put this on your blog?"

So when a brand new DVD of their favourite new movie arrives in our mailbox because I blog, I get the chance to make it up to them. In those moments, having a mum who blogs is OK by them.

Ice Age 4 landed in our letterbox this week, hot off the press. The kids did a little happy dance, shouted hip hooray and begged to watch it there and then.

[Pizza Face Boy: We had a Pizza Picnic in the lounge before the movie]
We saw Ice Age 4 at the movies when it came out. Personally I was rather reluctant at the time, because really? Ice Age FOUR??? My expectations were low. But it was actually not bad ( I might have even laughed out loud a few times). As a long-suffering movie-going parent this was actually Pretty Good for Movie Number Four in a set. 

The kids however LOVED IT unequivocally.
"Isn't this the coolest Ice Age movie yet, mum?" (Miss Fab)
"Is this one your favourite, mum? It's my favourite. Is it yours? Mum?" (Scrag)
"Ice Age Four ROCKED! Did you like it, mum? Is it your best one?" (Dash)
"Can we get it mum, when it comes out on DVD? Can we get it to keep?" (all of them) (at once)

So you can see why they were so thrilled that blogging mama managed to get them this cinematic gem. 
To watch. But best of all To Keep.

[Don't be fooled by the serious faces. This is called "engrossed"]

The DVD was watched at least four times in the first twenty-four hours. They all love it equally, from the ten year old down to the four year old. (We have always been fans of the Ice Age movies, and this one really is a keeper).

The house was ringing for days with the kids belting out the (rather catchy) theme song. Scrag was particularly taken with Sid's Granny, and walked around quoting: "No GRANNY. Not ham and cheese... it's FAM-I-LY!!!"

So Phew. I can keep on blogging, taking endless photos, and interrupting my kids to check my comments... because my kids know that every now and then it will pay off for them. With a cool-as movie in the mail.

Free Water Bottle Printable: "Melted Icebergs"
I have created this fun Free Printable for you. Isn't it cute? Perfect for an Ice Age 4 Movie Night or Party... Right click to save to your computer, then print and stick onto water bottles...

(Pssst! here's that rather catchy theme song, along with the movie trailer.... really just can't get the song out of my head...)

The world’s favourite herd, Manny, Sid & Diego, along with Scrat, bring their beloved brand of humour back in their most epic story yet – Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. 

When Scrat triggers a cataclysmic event that thrusts our heroes onto a high seas adventure, the stakes are raised when they meet a band of rag-tag pirates who are out to foil them from returning home. 

(This would be a very popular choice for Christmas...)

Available now on Blu-ray and DVD

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