30 December 2012

Outdoor Lounging Bliss

It's hot and sticky here in Auckland. Our sub-tropical Summer is in full force,
with 98% humidity and bursts of showers followed by steamy sunshine. 

This is how we see in the new year, here downunder. Relaxing in the shade, praying for a whiff of a breeze.
[you may recognise some of these sweet faces]

Yesterday with a succession of friends passing through, we decided to create a pin-worthy outdoor room to lounge in.

I strung rope between two trees and used pegs to clip on a white muslin throw, which we weighted down with old tyres to create a half-tent.

We added more mosquito nets, our Chinese trader camping mat and some fake ivy along with bean bags, cushions and...

...the oak daybed, for a true outdoor lounge experience.

Here is my friend Louisa chilling in the shade with her iPad. She and Miss Fab were playing Temple Run  and watching One Direction clips while we lounged about...

I wore a cowboy hat, to help keep off the sun. Like my selfie?

There was even a hammock (hogged by the Scrag)...

... and Grandma's sunlounger, brightened up with a red spotty quilt.

Now we know just what to do when the sun beats down and the breeze is nowhere to be found... we create an outdoor lounge in the back garden, and relax there until the sun goes down.

(Is it hot where you are...? or are you shivering your way through a Northern winter??)

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