07 December 2012

Cool-as Clips to Make You Smile

Some days you just need a giggle. Or a warm fuzzy infusion.
Today might be One of Those Days.
In which case, here are a few video clips that at are making me smile lately...

First up is the creative genius of the guys (and girls) from SPANK (St Pauls Arts and Kids)... these are the people who are making the film version of my book. If you haven't seen these clips before, you're in for a treat.

("The Christmas Story" went viral on YouTube last year...I've posted the playlist of all their other movies as well...)

Now on a totally different topic, here's a clip about Instagram... it had me laughing all the way through. As an Instagram newbie, this really tickles my funny bone. If you're not on Instagram you won't get it. But yay for me cos I AM. Wahoo. Thanks Meg for Sharing it with me....

(Apologies for the F-word in the song near the end. I guess they needed something to rhyme with "Duck".)


Now for one last clip. This one is for all the mums who are feeling the pressure of the season. It's the Morrisons Ad from the UK, and my dear friend Linda told me about it. I think you'll like it...

Have  Great Weekend ♥

                                          Source: failblog.org via Kristen on Pinterest

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