23 December 2012

Christmas Classics: It's a Wonderful Life

We have just finished watching "It's a Wonderful Life", the classic 1946 black'n'white movie starring Jimmy Stewart.
I was never a fan of classic movies until I watched this one. Way back in the Nineties a friend of mine twisted my arm and promised me I would love it - and she was right. This movie showed me that oldies can be goodies. And I have never forgotten this movie. I have looked for it in DVD shops around Christmas but failed to find it. Then I spotted it on Fatso's list of Christmas movies... yay Fatso!

If you are running out of inspiration, sick of the rat race and need something sweet and lovely to refresh your soul, get your hands on this classic movie.
If it's raining where you are, snuggle up with a loved one or two.
Watch this movie. It's medicine for a jaded soul.

Don't worry that it's old and not in colour. Miss Fab watched it right along with us and loved it too.
Can't find it in the DVD shops? Quick sign up to Fatso (with a month free trial using the special code for my readers: FAMILY45) and order this movie. If you hurry you might even get it in time for Christmas.

But even if you've left it too late for Christmas, don't sweat - it's only very loosely a Christmas Movie. Probably it's an even better one to watch with a New Year breathing down our neck.

George Bailey spends his life putting his dreams on hold, putting others first. Finally in a crisis on Christmas Eve he hits rock bottom and wishes he's never been born. An angel is sent to show him what life would be like if he hadn't, and George realises just how many lives his had touched... and saved. It's a movie about selflessness, generosity and how life is worth more than personal gain.

So quick, go get your hands on "Its a Wonderful Life". It's an Oscar-winning classic for a reason. Timeless, brilliant and with a message that's still relevant.

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