09 December 2012


We watched Survivor tonight, Me, Dash and Fab.
It's one of our "things". Watch Survivor. Discuss strategy and the meaning of life.

This episode was the one where the Survivors were visited by a family member to "help" them on a challenge. Lots of tears and hugging, of course. Then fierce competition (where the ones with the most athletic family members won, while the rest could only wish their gene pool was a little more athletic.)


Then afterwards, this...

DASH: So mum if you were on Survivor who would you pick to be the family member that visits you?

ME: Well, probably Dad, cos you can't pick kids, but maybe if you were a grownup by then  I'd pick you, son.

DASH: Yeah, you'd want to pick somebody who would be good in challenges and help you win. But probably by the time I was old enough for you to pick me, you'd be like,, um, 65 or something so they probably wouldn't pick you for Survivor *laughs cheekily*

ME: Hahaha, yeah, so maybe it'd be YOU who would be on Survivor and I'd get to come and visit YOU *confident in my place as beloved mother*

DASH: Um sorry mum but I'd probably pick Dad cos he'd be, um, better in the challenges. If I picked you, sorry but I think we'd lose...

ME: *not offended at all cos I know he's right* Yeah, ha, you're right. I'd be pretty useless in challenges...

DASH: Or maybe Dad would be a bit too old too, maybe I should pick Scrag... or even Fab...

MISS FAB: Awwwwww! *hugs him*  THAT's for saying you'd pick me *dead-arms him* and THAT's for saying you wouldn't pick mum... Don't worry mum, I'D pick you!

(It's good to know where you stand, right?)

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