15 December 2012

Christmas Classics: Our Top Ten Movies

This Christmas season we are sharing our favourite feel-good Christmas Movie Classics to help get us all in the festive spirit. We'll also share ideas for seasonal snacks and decorating.

With Christmas approaching rapidly and the kids off school, we thought we'd share with you our Christmas Must-Watch Movie List. We'd love you to share your favourite Christmas movies with us too... so leave us a comment so we can check out your faves...

  1. The Polar Express (We watch this every year; reviewed here)
  2. Elf (Our new favourite; reviewed here)
  3. Arthur Christmas (reviewed here)
  4. The Nativity Story (a great version of the Christmas Story, we watch it every year)
  5. The Grinch (starring Jim Carrey, funny but a bit scary for littlies in parts)
  6. The Santa Clause (reviewed here; the first one is the best but 2 & 3 are cool follow-ups)
  7. Home Alone (funny slapstick comedy - but more meaning than what you'd think at first glance)
  8. The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe (not exactly a Christmas movie but a wonderful magical classic story and it does have Christmas in it)
  9. Miracle on 34th Street (the classic version is lovely; me and Miss Fab love this one.)
  10. A Muppet Christmas Carol (a funny, less scary option than the new Christmas Carol; an oldie but a goodie)

Here's what our experts have to say about their Favourite Christmas Movies.

Dash. B. Cool: "My favourite Christmas movie is Home Alone cos it's funny. The robbers are funny when they keep doing wacky and funny things. That's what makes it cool. I like Home Alone 1 the best but the other one is cool too."

Foxy Fab: "I like the Home Alone movies. I like the first one best. I really want to watch the Muppet Christmas carol this Christmas so i hope she gets it soon!"

Super Scrag: "My favourite Christmas Movie is The Polar Express. I like the train and the Hot Chocolate part. I also like The Grinch but I also like The Santa Clause. He's funny and he gets fat and turns into Santa Claus."


What are your favourite Christmas Movies? Share your faves with us below by leaving a comment... (we're always looking for new Christmas movies to check out)

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1 comment:

Laura said...

Thank you for the suggestions about the Christmas movies. I didn' t know there are quite a few of them. I would definately keep this useful list! :) In Lithuania they are showing this 'Home alone' thing every Christmas for a decade now I guess :) and also there are some russian 'classics' showing up on telly. But my favourite is 'Love actually', everytime i watch i burst with (joyful) tears :)
Good luck, and have a most wonderful Christmas time!

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