04 December 2013

Christmas Movie Nights - The Santa Clause Movies

One of the best ways to get into the Christmas mood is to watch Christmas Movies. This year the kids requested a Christmas Movie Marathon Family Sleepover in the lounge to kick things off.
The movies they requested? The Santa Clause 1, 2 & 3, back to back.

Scrag in particular loves these movies, and has been watching them endlessly since Fatso sent them to us, long before our Movie Marathon. I have to admit that cheesey as they are, I rather enjoy them. Especially the first (original) one, made back in 1994.
For our Christmas Movie Marathon Sleepover we dragged in mattresses, hung Christmas bunting, strung Christmas lights and snuggled down together to watch Scrag's favourite Christmas movies (he loves to play Santa Claus like Charlie in the movie)

Tim Allen stars as Scott Calvin, a divorced dad, who has his son Charlie to stay on Christmas Eve. Charlie is woken by a clatter on the roof, and Scott goes out to investigate... only to startle Santa Claus, who trips and falls off the roof. Santa disappears leaving only his suit; a card in the pocket instructs: If something should happen to me, put on The Suit. The Reindeer will know what to do.

In doing so Scott unknowingly becomes subject to "The Santa Clause" - he is now the new Santa.
Of course Scott is a cynical adult who stopped believing in Santa long ago. Even after he finds himself at the North Pole talking to an elf named Judy, sipping hot cocoa, he still doesn't believe what he is seeing.
Judy tells him: "But Santa you've got it all wrong. Seeing isn't believing. Believing is seeing!"
What follows is a mix of comedy and heartbreak as Scott finds himself turning into Santa in spite of himself.

The second movie was made ten years later, when little Charlie is all grown up. Santa discovers a "Missus Clause" - he has to get married or cease to be Santa. In the third Movie Jack Frost is jealous of all the attention Santa gets and finds a way to trick Santa into invoking "the Escape Clause" so he can take his place and remake Christmas in his own image.

We've never watched all three back-to-back like that, but I have to say it was a lot of fun, and set the scene for the start of Christmas.

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