02 December 2013

A Christmas Fashion Photo Shoot (with Pumpkin Patch)

On the First Day of Christmas... we put up our Tree.
We hung our Christmas bunting and strung our Christmas lights.
It was looking very festive.

On the Second Day of Christmas... we tested out our new camera.
We had a Christmas Fashion Shoot, starring new threads from Pumpkin Patch. Fancy clothes for Christmas shared among friends.
It was rather jolly fun.

 Miss Fab had a couple of lovely friends over after church. I could hear them in the bedroom plotting a fashion show. I'd been planning to do a "fashion shoot" this week to share the lovely clothes Pumpkin Patch sent me for Christmas, but overhearing these girls, I thought of a better idea than snapping just my two kids in the garden - a Pumpkin Patch fashion shoot using all three delicious young models.
And of course they all jumped at the chance.

Miss Fab is wearing the Optical White Carly Rose Cardigan. Her friend Emily is wearing the super-cute Miami Sky Meadow Print Crop Tee. Olivia is modelling the gorgeous Daisy Emblem A line skirt (with yellow daisy detailing). Other clothes and accessories are models' own. Aren't they gorgeous?

 Ahhh yes, these girls made super-keen models. They would have been at home in any Pumpkin Patch catalogue; at-ease in front of the camera, taking direction, looking cute.

But then it was Scrag's turn.

Scrag is super-cute and rather good-looking (if I may say so myself), but lately he has developed a bit of awkwardness in front of the camera. If he knows the camera is on him, he pulls this funny face...

He even runs away...

Eventually the girls managed to persuade this reluctant little model to do his job and POSE...

We needed to show you the lovely clothes Pumpkin Patch sent, after all.
Scrag is wearing Aegean Sea Slimfit Chino shorts teamed with an Aztec Print SS Tee and Endless Wave Page Blue Check Shirt. Very stylie (big brother was most impressed with the shorts and pocket-tee)

In the end our reluctant model pulled it off - and pronounced that he likes the clothes and wants to "wear them out for good." Oh Yes, I can promise you this outfit won't be worn on the trampoline or to school. 
I'm thinking church, Glow and Christmas Day.

I don't think Pumpkin Patch will be calling us wanting dear wee Scrag to star in their mailers any time soon... but those girls? Yep, they're naturals. Waddya reckon?

DISCLOSURE: Pumpkin Patch supplied us with these lovely clothes so we could share them with you here. We genuinely love the clothes and think they are gorgeous. Thankyou Pumpkin Patch

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