21 July 2016

Hello, it's Me (and Clyde the Puppy)

Clyde the puppy meets the ocean for the first time

Tap. Tap. Hello. Is this thing on? Oh good! It's working.
Um, hi. I know it's been a while.
I can't go into the details of *why* because, um, well, I just can't.
But trust me when I say that I would never neglect my beloved blog for so long without good cause.
However, with this post, I am back.

Bringing home Clyde - the cuteness is real

And I'm here to introduce the the newest (and possibly cutest) member of of our family.

Clyde at DC Rescue Dogs - he had a sister called Bonnie

We adopted Clyde nearly three weeks ago from DC Rescue Dogs and have never looked back.
Clyde is the sweetest, lovingest, snuggliest, puppy in the world, with his heart-melting brown eyes and adorable floppy ears.
He's a "bitser" - bits of everything, we have no idea of his breed, but are guessing *maybe* a bit of boxer? Mixed with Staffy? Mixed with Lab?
Whatever the mix he is a bundle of gorgeous love and affection.
He's not yappy, he doesn't jump up (though he does still poop in corners while we're sleeping, but we forgive him because of all the cuteness),

Puppy Love - there's nothing like the devotion of a faithful furry friend

Clyde is a total blessing, a breath of fresh doggy air, brought into our lives to mend sad hearts and lick away tears. Clyde's hugs are healing, they bring comfort and joy.
There's nothing like tumbling down hills with a puppy to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Taking Clyde for his first walk in our neighbourhood

I have never been a dog person before, we never had dogs when I was growing up (apart from one failed attempt at owning a labrador who ate washing and chewed furniture and was sent back to the farm when I was three years old).
But Clyde has converted me.
I am now a total fan, and cannot imagine life without a dog.

Clyde on his first night with us - right at home in front of the fire on the dog bed me and Fab made for him

And the kids? They are in heaven with love for this little creature.
For years Miss fab has begged for a puppy and it was never the right time.
She has wept copious tears, pleaded, written up chore charts and done her level best to convince anyone who was listening that she would be a responsible dog owner.
She would be the one to scoop up the poop.
She would do the feeding, the bathing and the walking.
If only she could have a puppy she would be the happiest girl in the world.

Clyde likes to go for rides in the car

And now she has her wish and we are all the better for it.


  • It gets us out of the house
  • It's free entertainment
  • It's more fun than an iPad
  • He gives the best cuddles
  • You're never lonely
  • When you're sad or stressed hugging a puppy lowers your heart rate
  • Taking a walk becomes so much more exciting
  • You meet random people who love puppies wherever you go
  • Your kids learn a lot about responsibility AND unconditional love
There were a few people who looked at me like I was CRAYZEE when I said we were adopting a puppy at a time when life is mental, but I can say without reservation that it's the best thing I ever did.
THE BEST. Hands down.
A few lumps of poop here and there is a small price to pay for the love and joy this little guy brings into our home. Phew.

I'll leave you with some happy images of our new fur baby, and a promise to be back again real soon, on a regular basis. With the long-awaited Hawaii story. With a Woodland Party and other party posts.

Giving Clyde his first bath went better than we thought it might!
Beach Puppy
Leash training on a frosty morning walk
Up Mt Albert (wearing sandals and socks!)
Hanging with puppy friends up Mt Albert is good for the soul
Clyde the puppy is 100% lovely

Are you a dog person? Leave me a comment with your best guess of Clyde's breed mix! 


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