29 April 2011

Lovin' Lil Entrepreneurs

Fresh back from a very post-worthy "holiday", Dash is welcomed at the gate by the boys next door. Within minutes, while we unload our car-ful of gear, the lads have cooked up a plan to take over the business world... or at least the neighbourhood.

Unwanted SillyBandz are collected in snaplock bags ready to be sold... Old McD's toys are gathered into groups, ready for the market....

Somebody makes a sign. It says "MINI SALE". Cute.

We down-bags and hang over the garden fence to capture the cuteness. Awwww. They think they're actually gonna sell stuff!! (Don't they remember how last time Dash sat there for an hour and not one person walked past...?)

But wait!!! A pram-pushing Mummy out for a walk! With a preschooler in tow! The boys show her their cute sign, and offer her their wares.

She is a kindhearted soul and offers them her scraps of change.
"I have 90 cents," she says, "What can I get for that?"

Finally, after much negotiating (and loud stage whispered suggestions - Let the little boy pick something!!!) the customers scoot away with a 90 cent Bukagan (bargain!) and a bonus blue SillyBand. "Tell your friends about us!" the boys call as they wave goodbye.

Dollar signs flash before their eyes. A real customer! An actual sale!

("How are they gonna figure out the profit sharing on that one?" Mr G whispers to me as we giggle from the gate.)

Boosted by their success the boys begin waving at passing cars. "TOYS FOR SALE!" they call.

After a bit, they all decide it might be time to branch out. Maybe not everyone driving by is in the market for toys and SillyBandz?
"Lets sell feijoas!" someone shouts. and there is a race to collect and bag some from under our tree.

Mr G even paints them a sign. "How do you spell feijoas?" he asks me.

The sign works a treat. They actually managed to sell three bags for fifty cents each. One to the postie, and two to the lady across the street. (Of course they raided my fruit bowl and also sold the oranges I needed for football tomorrow. Miss Fab's idea. Great.)

These guys are gonna be rivalling Donald Trump soon!

"We need more things to sell!" decide the lil entrepreneurs. They take over the whole path in front of our house, spreading it with old books, rejected toys and who-knows-what-else.

"Somebody better clean all that mess up!" a grown up call. Might have been me. Might not.

As the sun begins to set and nobody else appears (other than a Korean exchange student who walks quickly past on the other side and pretends not to speak any English) the enterpreneurs begin to pack away their stall.

Of course just as the last of the merchandise has been stowed away inside, the sound of stroller wheels sounds from the footpath.

"Ohhhh stink," said Miss Fab, who had joined the boys at their game of shopkeepers.
"Just as we put everything away we get another customer!"

Such is life. Tee Hee.
Love those Lil Entrepreneurs. If they make it big, you'll know this is where it all started *smile*

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PaisleyJade said...

haha - man i love this! Such cute kids. I remember our oldest going through a book making phase and trying to sell them at the top of our drive. We phoned a friend to pop around and buy one... I don't think our boy knows to this day that his only sale was rigged!

tartankiwi said...

So cute!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Love kids with great ideas! Love that they turned it into reality too.

Anonymous said...


love and light

Anonymous said...

Lots of wonderful reading here, many thanks! I was checking on yahoo when I found your article, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to a lot more from you.

Penny said...

So cute! Love their innocence and enthusiasm

Sophie said...

love their enthusiasm! Very sweet!

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