15 April 2011

Loving Scrag

What's not to love about Scrag?
Tomorrow is his third birthday and so today's "Loving" post is in honour of him.

Baby, I love the way you looked at me when you were just hours old.
Intense, knowing.
Like you knew me.
You made my heart swell to bursting. I forgot the pain.
I said, "It's all been worth it, cos I got you."

I love the way you have always made us laugh.
You brought joy with you.

I love the way happiness is your default setting.
I've never known a child like you for smiles.
Your deep throaty chuckle from the earliest days brought grannies running, admiring this little bundle of joy.
I love your laughter.

I love the way you love us all.
Huggie huggies and moochy kisses.
I love your moochy kisses.

I love the way you just want to be one of the gang.
You keep up with the big kids. You dive right in.
I love the way you shout, "Hey guys! I got a great idea!"
You crack me up.

Love the way you're funny even when you make a mess.
"Oooh dorry mum," you say.

Hard to get mad at a kid like you. You're just too cute.
Even when you decimate my makeup.
Love that.

Love your Scragness.
This is the photo that gave you your name.
We all looked at it and laughed.
"He's such a... such a.... scrag!" someone shouted. And the name stuck.
A Scrag is cheeky and cute.
A Scrag is funny and rascally.
That's you.

Love this photo.

Love the way you stack your bib tidily on your bowl to show us you've finished.
I love the way you will only have a bath after dinner.
And you must have one every night.
Love your funny little quirks.
They make you, you.

Love your love for books and stories.
Love the stories you've started to tell...
"Hey guyd I got a great dory... once upon a time... there was a engine called Thomad..."
Love the way you can't say your "f"s and "s"s yet.
The way you talk is so cute.

Love your singing.
And Dancing.

Especially the way you sing to me, "Mamaaaa! Oooooohooooh! I didn't mean to make you CRY! id I not back tomorrow, curry on, curry on...."

Love the things you notice.
Love your big blue eyes.
Love your face, your hair, your tallness and your strength.
Most of all I love that you are in our family.
Where would we be without you?

There would be less laughter.
Less games.
No huggie huggies.
No moochy kisses.

So glad we have you, Scrag.
You are our sunshine on a cloudy day.

Happy Birthday.
I love you.
from Mummy

for April 16 2011


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Johnny said...

Oh my eyes just had a little bit of moisture in them from that! What a lovely post. Happy Birthday to your lovely little man...enjoy the party. See you on Monday!

Sima J said...

ahhh so so so cute!! Man he really is a gorgeous boy! :-)

Anonymous said...


love and light


Catching the Magic said...

Awww, GORGEOUS! So many amazing photographs and what a very lovely tribute to your special boy. Have a fabulous time celebrating!

Sammy said...

Aww...he's so cute. He's my favourite one, no wait Dash is, hmmm I love Miss Fab too...heck, you just have awesome kids!

jacksta said...

What a lovely tribute post.
He is a cutie. Love that photo of you when he was a baby in the blue knit...you look so radiant!
Happy Birthday Scrag!

Losing Brownies said...

What a beautiful birthday post!! Happy Birthday Scrag!

Lyns said...

We love you too Scrag. Love your energy, your smiles and hugs. Love how you and Rangi are friends. See you tomorrow sweet boy xx

Anonymous said...

Awesome - he is gorgeous. Happy birthday Scrag.

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Happy Birthday Scragalicious. I love that photo that made him Scrag - there's so much behind that look.
What a wonderful walk down memory lane xx

Leonie said...

Happy Birthday Scrag, you are such a cutie!

alicia said...

Such a beautiful tribute lady. They sure do grow up too fast, eh? Btw, I know you are not in spring there, but am doing a 30 days of spring photo challenge and would love it if you shared one of yours. They are always fun pics. Old or new. http://weloveiowa.blogspot.com/2011/04/30-days-of-spring.html

Brigitte said...

Oooohhhh what an awesome little guy you've got! He sounds like such a bundle of joy, that's such a beautiful tribute to him :)
I CRACKED up at the singing ..."Curry on! Curry on!" LOVE IT!! xx

PaisleyJade said...

Oh he is just soooooooooo cute! I hope he had a wonderful birthday - he is just a cute and precious in real life as in your posts!!!

The Redhead Riter said...

Is his birthday the 15th like my daughter's or the 16th?

A very nice tribute and birthday wish to your son with those gorgeous eyes!

Anonymous said...

You've just made me cry.Granny Winnie.xxx

Anonymous said...

I love that first pic. I thought about taking a similar one of my youngest the other day.


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