25 April 2011

Randomness From Me

Hey. Happy Easter. And Happy Anzac Day.
I just had to show you these cute photos Mr G took on his phone. It's not even an iPhone. Aren't they cool?

This top one was meant to be a silly-faces one of Dash with Daddy. But Dash sneezed right when the shutter clicked. Maybe that's funnier?

Whatever, I think it's cute. I love the way this one captures Scrag's blue eyes and sweet-cheeked smile.

And this one of Miss Fab, reclining on the window seat. Daddy's not bad with the BlackBerry.
And look below. Quintessential Scrag-on-Bike.

This is the Balance Bike that took daddy until 2.30am on the night before Scrag's birthday to put together. The one Scrag looked and then... ignored.
Poor Daddy. Happily Scrag now loves it. Sometimes these things take time, aye?

A friend said to me yesterday, "There's something about your kids. They're not the cutest or the prettiest or the best dressed (!) but there's just something about them."

Um. Yeah. I think they're special too. (But being their mother I think they're also the cutest and the prettiest. The not being the best dressed I'll grant you, but only because they refuse to listen to my advice and insist on wearing their favourite clothes, while the "best" clothes languish ignored in the closet.)

It's raining here. Warm and wet. A grey Easter Monday/Anzac Day.
Dash said, what, it's ANZAC DAY? Mum you should make some Anzac Biscuits!
Yeah, I would son, but we are all out of butter and sugar after our baking frenzy last week.
And being Anzac Day following on the heels of Easter... the cupboards are bare.

So I will revive memories of Anzac Days past, by sharing with you this Recipe for the cookies.
If you don't know what Anzac Day is, you can read this post I wrote last year. It's rather a good one.

I been working hard behind the blog-scenes. And I'm cooking up another bloggy how-to post, which will come to you before the month is out. You'll love it.

In the meantime can I ask you to check out my new rearranged/upgraded Tabs at the top of the page? You know how it is when you've been working hard on something but nobody notices? I hate that. So I thought I'd be blatant and ask you to check it out. And then tell me you love it share your thoughts with me on how its all looking.
There's the redesigned Our Family page.
Which resides next to my simplified Best Posts page.
Next to which you'll find my How To's Page. It's pretty now.
Followed by the new Parenting Fun page. Loaded with ideas that are fun and honest tales.
Skip over the untouched Depression & Me Page (it's fine as it is).
Find yourself on the Life in New Zealand Page. Aint it nice now?
All I need to do now is revamp my About Me page and my job will be complete.
So. What do you think?
{PS Do you use tabs to organise your posts?}

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Sammy said...

Hehe! I thought about what I said after I said it.... they ARE cute and well dressed but what I was saying is that there is something about them that comes from inside. They are awesome kids. And they don't have to scrub up and polish up for them to be attractive. They just are.
Ok. That was put slightly better!!! Phew!

Gail said...

@Sammy Hahahahahaha. Sorry, I just have to laugh. Too much. I often say things that don't come out quite as I intend them to!

My cupboards are bare too. And I refuse to do any actual shopping until later this week, so that will be interesting!

I didn't really get a chance to check out your tabs before (I know, slacker) - I will try one day soon. I keep thinking I could/should/will do tabs one day too..... one day.

Elizabeth said...

Loving the new tabs - much easier to follow (esp. your 'Best Posts' one :-)!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Lookin good. Lookin good!
Love that sneeze photo....classic!

Lyns said...

Love the cool photos. Achoo Dash!!
Checked out your tabs - looking good. A couple of bits that come up a bit "wonky" for me (Recipes heading under How To's, and a line under the Life in NZ page) - just saying so you know...but lovin the layout etc, you've been busy xx

Lyn said...

hey lovin the tabs too. I had lots to check out on yr blog as I've been MIA for months. I think I'm gonna love the 'how to' tab in particular...just quietly. but hey on that, the how to make a queenly outfit link goes across to the bunting? Just lettin ya know so you can fix that babe : )

Believe it or not I have posted twice (yes TWICE) these school hols, after nothing for absolute months. Come by for a visit sometime ;-)


Ann Kroeker said...

That's the friend to go to when you really need to know the truth about something. :)

My kids were/are never the best dressed, either (though one of my teen daughters would LIKE to be one of the best dressed...). Comfort reigns around here.

I would agree with her, however, that there is a certain something about those eyes, expressions and antics--I'd love to not only admire them in photos, but also meet them in person (you, too!) :)

Brigitte said...

Cool photos (as always) - the sneezing one is classic!!
Tabs look good - they are something I would like to get around to doing...one day... they just look like a bit too much effort for me right now...! And also the fact that I don't actually know how to add them, yet... ;D
Happy Easter and Anzac Day to you! X

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