10 April 2011

Weekend in Pictures... hahahahaha

Friday night. This picture captures a moment in time. Gail, ever confident and with a super-healthy self esteem, is relaxed and confident in Team B's ability to smash Team G.

Mr G meanwhile, has a secret weapon - a Magic Magnetic bracelet, said to give extra balance and strength to the wearer, loaned to him by Jean-Claude, Lyns' hubby.

See the mirth on Jean-Claude's face as Mr G scores a STRIKE with his first bracelet-ball??

The occasion? A night out with friends, bowling. All of us commenting how this made us feel like we were back in youth group, as we left our kids behind and revisited our teenage daze.

There is some debate over an overall winner...

A string of 31 facebook comments. Tee hee. We didn't have social media back in our youth group days!

Round One of bowling was standard competitive, bowl-your-best. Then some bright spark decided to make it more tricky. So for Round Two we all had to bowl from the beginning of the run-up; bowl left-handed; bowl backwards through our legs; bowl using the kiddy frame; and bowl standing on one leg with a hand on our head. It made for some interesting scores. Tee Hee.

Saturday: Look at our Boy. His daddy and me look at this photo and can't get over how grown up he is. Not a little boy any more.

Another phenomenal game this Saturday. Makes the getting-up-early so worth it.
A scorching 14-0 scoreline. Dash scored three goals. We call that a "hattrick" in soccer-speak.

Here's a sneak peek of what I've been working on for the Toy Story party.
With Miss' Fab's artistic help, we have been making Andy's Western cowboy town, from brown boxes, as seen in Toy Story 1.
This is "Als Feed Barn" (get it???).
We also made a Store, a Hotel (Saloon) and the Jail. The Hotel has a real verandah. The Feed barn is big enough for Scrag to climb inside.
Fun huh?

Sunday: It was School Gala Day today; we turned up after church.
Scrag freaked out cos he saw Ronald McDonald wandering around. He hates clowns.
Started screaming, "I want to go hooooome!" so we left early, leaving the kids with neighbours.
Why do people think kids like clowns??

I was hoping to score an old check shirt for Woody (alias Mr G) at the White Elephant stall, but got there way too late when there was only dregs left. However I did manage to score this...

An OshKosh rainjacket in mint condition for my little car-lover. Bonus.
Better go and make the car-lover a jam sandwich.

Hope your weekend has been good too.

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Weza said...

Looks like a fun evening had by all. Great friends, great laughs. Fantastic! Xxxx

Gail said...

I am awesome.

Anonymous said...

lol Oh Gail!!!
LOL that night out bowling looks so fun Simoney
I get such joy out of seeing you all together
is that wierd???
your boy IS growing up!!!
and how about that cowboy town????
You Rock Mamma!!!

Love you
Love and Light♥

Lyns said...

Bowling was so much fun!! I loved that I had my best game ever (in round one of course, round 2 so did NOT count!!) - may have been the bracelet??
14-0 wow what a score in soccer!
Loving the party prep. Let me know if I can do anything to help.
Missed you at church xx

jacksta said...

Great fun at the bowling!
Looking forward to the toy story party pics...me thinks Ill be using the free printable party invites next year

Nikki said...

Looks like a fun weekend.

alicia said...

Love your passion for life. It comes through in everything you write and every photo you share. Looks like a fun weekend had by all. My fav pic is that peek-a-boo one. Adorable, my friend.

Kathleen said...

Well check out your gorgeous family!! Looks like a fabulous weekend - lovely :)


Pamela said...

Great work on the Toy Story party! Love the building!

Miel Abeille said...

Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! I can feel the fun emanating through the computer screen! (Visiting from RedRighter's Wooing)

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