13 January 2014

Summer Lovin (starring my Pumpkin Patch models)

Who doesn't love the lazy hazy days of summer? A Summer Christmas may seem weird to our northern hemisphere friends, but after the corks have popped on the the New Year's champagne they have to face the drear of winter while we southern folk turn to the bliss of beaches, backyard BBQs and brilliant sunshine. Ahhh yes, starting out the year with summer makes much more sense to us down here.

Which all goes to explain where I have been for the past umpteen days. The lure of the beach, the sunshine, endless books and tenting by the beach all succeeded to to distract me from blogging.

So successful has this diversion been that I am completely loathe to return - something which has not happened ever before.
It's not that I have run out of things to say or stories to tell. I haven't gotten sick of capturing moments and sharing them with you all, dear readers. Oh no.
It's just that hunching over a computer is the very opposite of enjoying summer.

On the day that Blogger invents a decent blogging app and I can blog on my phone without frustration, that will be the year that I blog regularly in January. From the beach, in my hammock whilst sipping my pina colada... (haha, as if).

Until then, I will simply offer you tidbits of our summer, on days when rain keeps us indoors or the buildup of ideas threatens to leak from my ears or the photos have filled my computer and I simply can't restrain myself any more.

You can always follow me on Instagram - it's much more summer friendly than sitting at a computer. (If you did, you would have seen my delicious photos of our lunch at Little and Friday, today or our dinner under the grapevine tonight), among other fun things.

Summer has been good to us, I must say.
I am enjoying it far too much and keep finding myself saying to anyone who passes me by muttering about stationery lists, back-to-school specials and sports teams... "I'm just not ready for the year to start!"
Too bad, Simoney. It already has.
Why can't somebody invent a pause button for time?
That would be really really useful.
I'd buy that app.


Pause it on summer.
Overlay vignettes of my kids playing happily in the backyard with some cello music and have myself a whimsical life. Soft focussed. Unhurried. Sunlit.

We interrupt this fantasy to bring you back to reality.

Which is still pretty nice. After all, we live in New Zealand. And it's SUMMER. Bliss.
What a nice way to start the year.

(How's it going so far?)


This post features my young models wearing super-cute Pumpkin Patch gear kindly supplied by Pumpkin Patch. The models all love their new PP clothes and were happy to pose for my backyard photo shoot. Miss Fab wears the roller skate denim dress (now $20 online); The boys wear shorts with cord belt (now also $20); Scrag wears a blue paisley shirt (his new favourite) and Dash wears a blue stripe t-shirt. Both boys declared the shorts to be "awesome" and "comfy".

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