28 January 2014

I am Completely Crap at Juggling

Have you ever tried it? Juggling, I mean.
Keeping more than one ball up in the air. It's next-to-impossible for the less than dexterous (like me) when it comes to actual balls, and when it comes to life, I'm completely crap at juggling that too.

Managing more than one thing at a time seems to be beyond my skill set. Multi-tasking is supposed to be something women are good at, but not me. I suck at it, truly.

I have friends who are genius at juggling life. They have multiple children enrolled in multiple activities. They manage to ferry their offspring from soccer to swimming to brownies to piano to language class without breaking into a sweat, all while holding down a fulltime job and baking their own bread.
How do they do that????

I am breaking out in a rash at the mere thought of registering my poor deprived bunch in one activity each. Here's an example of how extreme my juggle-crapness is. I've been procrastinating all summer on sorting out Dash's bus pass for Intermediate School which starts on Monday (Where do I start? Where do I even get one? It all seems so difficult to me).

So here we are in the final week of holidays with no bus pass. Apparently they can be found at certain dairies (but which one?? And how can I be sure I'll get the right thing? Do we need to test it out and actually catch the bus at 7.25am so he knows what to expect and where to get off? Am I pathetic because I am bamboozled by a bus?).

Meantime we need to decide about the other two and their after school activities. (Did I mention it's the last week of the summer holidays? term starts next week and I have enrolled them in ZIP).

My acrobatic daughter is desperate to learn tumbling and stunts this year. She's over netball (sniff) and wants to try cheerleading, of all things. Eek! So American! I am rather ambivalent about it. She has her heart set on it but I'd prefer her to try circus school (Less of the makeup and ra-ra skirts and little divas).

While the clock ticks on this one and we dither back and forth, poor Scrag is left to languish on the sidelines. Last year he did no sport at all.
This year he wants to try Rippa Rugby, but have I even looked up the website? Found out where and when?
Calculated coordinating these many activities with bus arrival times for eldest son (who will of course be doing football, and has also been nominated to trial for the AFA 12th grade rep team)...?? The answer is of course NO.

I am so very crap at juggling that I am frozen into immobility at the very thought, with the result being my default position - Procrastination.

I woke up this morning knowing that I need to request Dash's prescription from the optometrist so we can go to Specsavers and (hopefully) find a cheap pair of glasses to replace the ones he has lost  before school starts (grrrr), find a dairy that sells the HOP card and take Miss fab to check out Circus School in the hopes of diverting her from Cheerleading...
Well, I buried my head under the blankets and thought about writing this post. Confessing my absolute crapness at juggling my life. Baring the truth of my horror of after school activities and playing taxi. And my general reluctance for Summer to end.

If only I could live my life at a Summer pace, I am sure I'd be a nicer person.
No anxiety, no stress, no bursts of high blood pressure.

Am I looking forward to school being back? The answer is a resounding NO.
I like living my life with no outside interference. I'm quite happy mooching along and taking each day as it comes. I don't look forward to decent bedtimes and homework and alarm clock mornings at all.

Oh Summer, I may not like your humidity but I sure do love your pace of life. I will miss you when you're over. Truly.

Are you like me (a procrastinator) or are you one of those lucky people who can juggle life and manage to multi-task? Tell me I'm not alone in this??!


PHOTOS THIS POST: On Saturday night Dash was away at a sleepover and Mr G had the brilliant idea of putting up the little tents in the backyard and doing a spot of backyard camping. We cooked on the brazier, toasted marshmallows, told stories and played Monopoly Empire in the tent (Scrag whipped us all). It was brilliant, and the chicken skewers were the best I've ever tasted. Mmmmm. I highly recommend backyard camping. Just one more reason to love Summer.

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