05 February 2014

A Very Big Week

Writing from the trenches, in the midst of a VERY BIG WEEK. This is the week when the summer holidays end, new school terms begin and Grandma arrives from England all in one breath.

You'll be glad to know that somehow I managed to complete everything on my list. I navigated the minefield of Britomart (for the Bus Pass), ordered the new CHEAP specs from SpecSavers (woop), visited Circus school (and decided it was NOT for us), heard from the Cheerleading team (and booked in a free trial day), contacted the rugby club and found out about Scrag's upcoming season... all in one mad day.

[On Sunday Dash and I went for Starbucks together. I had a big lump in my throat]

D-Day arrived at last, Dash headed off to Intermediate, Bus Pass in hand. He's a wonder, that boy. makes his lunchbox at night, sets his alarm early and has figured out which bus to catch to get him there nice and early. He loves his new school, and his enthusiasm is endearing and (dare I say?) CUTE. It's almost like being back in Year Two where everything The Teacher says GOES. Bless.

(Miss Fab and Scrag's school goes back on Friday, of all things. Counting down the days)

[Miss Fab's room all ready for Grandma's arrival yesterday]

Now Grandma has arrived from England, bringing with her... onesies. I must point out that it's mid-summer. But my lot are so enraptured with their onesies they wore them to bed. Yes they did. Aren't they cute?

And here's Michael Jackson - oh no, that's Scrag. Another gift from Grandma. Hehe.

Before the dawning of this epic week, we squeezed in some fun at Rainbow's End (theme park), so before I rush off to play hostess and do all the things on my list today (buy birthday present, drop forgotten hat money into school for anxious tween, see shrink, look after jetlagged granny) I thought I'd share with you these fun photos....

It's been years since we've been, and in the meantime, Scrag has grown so tall
 he can go on every ride... and Dash can even drive the race cars.

[Dodgems; big brother took little brother on them for a second go. When I went to check on them I caught him out at being super a responsible, lovely big brother when he didn't know I was looking. A proud moment.]

Dash challenged his Dad to go on the "Power Surge" with these words and a cheeky grin: If you were a real man you'd go on it. Words no Dad can resist.
Mr G felt like puking for hours afterwards as the ride is one of those "everything is spinning in every direction" horror shows.

[On the PowerSurge everything spins *shudder* My worst nightmare - but I loved the Invader]

Miss Fab, meanwhile (that adrenaline junkie who cartwheels everywhere) lined up for that ride three times straight... and came off (you guessed it) turning cartwheels.
There's all these grownups staggering off disorientated and green, while this crazy girl spins and grins, "I wanna do that AGAIN!"
(Her dad and I are wondering where on earth she got that gene from. Not from either of us, that's for sure!)

I personally went on every ride but the horror show (I know my limits). While waiting for my personal fave - the gentle log flume - a kind bystander snapped this lovely family pic. Here we all are, Team G, in all our glory.

The year has begun, the holidays are over and I am still smiling. Cheese!

Have your kids gone back to school yet? How has the start of the year been for your lot?

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