17 April 2014

Baby No More

He's just turned six and he won't let us call him "bubba" any more.

He has been on the sidelines at soccer games since he was in-vitro and his first outing on a soccer field the other week, he showed us just how much he's absorbed all these years watching his brother. His skills were surprising, his goals were amazing. He got Player of the Day, first up, and glowed with pride.

He's tall. He's strong. He's fast.

Yesterday he came second in the school cross country - which made his birthday extra special, especially after what happened last year. He's been  waiting a whole year to prove to himself he could do it, and he DID.

Scrag has been blogged about almost all his life; he's used to having every moment recorded for posterity.

Sometimes when I look at him, this tall strong boy, I think my heart will burst. Truly.

 He's just a super awesome kid.

I'm proud to have this lad, this lovely boy as my son.

Yesterday I said to him, If six years ago somebody had offered me a choice between a million bucks and a baby called Scrag, do you know what I would choose?

He said, The million bucks of course.
I said, No way. Even if they offered me a Billion I'd still pick YOU. That's just money. But you're a TREASURE.

And it's true, he is.
So happy birthday darling Scrag.
You're growing up so fast. You're a baby no more.

And I am proud of the person that you are becoming.
All my love forever


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