13 June 2014

Drama, concussion and an ambulance trip

I'll make this quick cos I have a raging headache (from the bump on my head) and I'm doing this on my phone while lying in bed, recovering from my very dramatic day yesterday.
Actually I can hardly remember any of the dramatic events, but what my husband told me is This: I got up to puke in the loo, he heard a thump and I was lying on the floor. He helped me up, I went back to the loo and there was another louder thump... this time he find me in the hallway unconscious. He thought I'd had a stroke. (I hadn't, but luckily he was there).

Apparently I was incoherent and didn't know what day it was; I kept asking him the same questions... I remember nothing.
He took me to a&e where they called an ambulance and off I went for a CT scan and some IV fluids.
The verdict is Giardia (from Fiji) which caused me to dehydrate and then I fainted, hit my head and got concussion. Ouch but my head hurts!
Luckily, thankfully my husband was there.
Luckily, thankfully it's nothing permanent or life threatening (though he was pretty freaked out at the time). 
LUCKILY, thankfully I didn't have to stay in hospital overnight.

Giardia is nasty (all but one of our kids have had the vomit bug this week) and even if you drink only bottled water, they might still get you with the salads. (The only kid to not puke is the one who doesn't eat salad).
Moral of the story? Don't eat salad in Fiji.

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