02 June 2014

Where on Earth Are We?

Right now we are where the sun is shining and the palm fronds are waving gently in the tropical breeze. We're dodging out on the frosty mornings, iced-up windshields and numb toes for a week, and have headed for warmer climes.

It's not school holidays, but we couldn't get booked then, so we're pulling the kids out of school and having a family vacation without the crowds. It's only a week off school, after all, and there will be plenty of life-enriching educational experiences to be had on holiday (we tell ourselves and their teachers).

So where are we?
I'll give you some clues.

 CLUE #1:  We have been here before a long, long time ago... (when there were just two kids, and one had a broken arm)

 CLUE #2:   It's somewhere that's warm enough for swimming all year round.

 CLUE #3:   It's somewhere with white-sand beaches where you can snorkel, see tropical fish, and ride horses on the beach.

 CLUE #4:   A bloggy friend (who currently lives in Oz) lived there for a while (awww and just look at our baby girls, poolside...)

 CLUE #5:  It's in the South Pacific and is a short 3-hour plane trip away from Auckland, (perfect for a quick tropical escape in the Winter).

Have you guessed yet?

See you when I get back next week, tanned, relaxed and well-read.
I'll have pictures to share. (Don't hate me.)


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