08 August 2014

Taking Stock After Six Years Blogging

Six years is a long time in a child's life. Sheesh, it's a long time, full stop, really.
Six years ago today I logged in to Blogger and and wrote my first-ever blog post. A lifetime has happened in those six years. Our family has gotten older and taller. My then-newborn is now older than my oldest-child was then (and taller than he was as well).
It's simply not possible to summarise six years in a blog post, so I'm not going to try.
Instead I'm going to simply share some photos through the years, and do a bit of "taking stock" while I'm at it...

In 2008 I was...

MAKING: the most of baby's sleep times and blogging like a only a newbie madwoman can
COOKING: only the easiest of dinners including way too much spaghetti bolognese
DRINKING: endless cups of tea
READING: nowhere near as much as I wanted to
WANTING: an unbroken night's sleep

In 2009 I was...

LOOKING: a little less like I was still pregnant
PLAYING: Tea parties on a regular basis
WASTING: Too much time blogging, when I could have been cleaning, or playing
SEWING: Sewing? What's that? I began my love affair with my glue gun
WISHING: There were more hours in the day

In 2010 I was...

ENJOYING: Taking photos on my new (bigger, flasher) camera
WAITING: For the Terrible Twos to kick in (they never did)
LIKING: Watching home Renovation shows on TV
WONDERING: If I'd ever get to makeover my kitchen
LOVING: Having three kids. Three is the new two.

In 2011 I was...

HOPING we'd have an awesome trip to England in September (we did)
MARVELLING at how much easier it was to travel with the kids now they're older
NEEDING more books to read. Always.
SMELLING the Roses a little more than I used to
WEARING out my keyboard with my constant blog-typing

In 2012 I was...

FOLLOWING loads of blogs, commenting and trying to get more social-media savvy
NOTICING that comments were dropping off and wondering why...?
KNOWING that blogging was becoming a bit of an obsession, a place to escape to from my reality
THINKING I needed to figure out how to get a better blog/life balance, among other things
FEELING pretty much out of my depth as a parent. 2012 was a hard year.

In 2013 I was...
BOOKMARKING websites about Dyslexia. And Aspergers. (Grateful to finally have some answers).
OPENING up my thinking to include new understanding about my self and my kids.
GIGGLING at all the funny things the kids say. Always.
FEELING like we're getting there, wherever "there" is. 
SEEING the light at the end of the tunnel.

In 2014 I am...

Making : The most of what I have, as much as I can
Cooking : My tried and true favourites (including good ole spaghetti bolognese)
Drinking : Nespresso coffee every day (I am so blessed)
Reading: Anything I can get my hands on, and loving it
Wanting: To be a better parent. Always.
Looking: At my kids and wondering how they got so big, so fast.
Playing: More than I used to. But not as much as I need to.
Wasting: Less time than I used to on the computer. I'm a FIFO* blogger these days.
Sewing: Sewing? What's that? I'm still in love with my glue gun
Wishing: I could sew, just a little bit.
Enjoying: Having older kids and all the heart-to-hearts we have
Waiting: For the hormones to kick in; puberty could strike any day day now...
Liking: My kids. They are good people.
Wondering: Who they will become.
Loving: being a working mum after eleven years at home.
Hoping: I never run out of things to say and stories to tell.

Marvelling: That we're all still here. It's been six years since I started sharing my life on the interwebs. My kids have survived with me as a mum, they haven't starved even if they eat way too much spaghetti bolognese

Needing: To do more exercise, always. Some things don't change.
Smelling: Jasmine in my kitchen and freesias on my driveway. Spring is in the air (I love spring).
Wearing: Smaller clothes than I did six years ago. Some things DO change.
Following: Less blogs than I used to (where have all my blog friends gone?)
Noticing: That less of my old blog friends are still at it, and missing them.
Knowing: That I'm not giving up on blogging anytime soon. I still love it, even if I FIFO*.
Thinking: Man, time goes fast. Where have the years gone in such a hurry?
Bookmarking: Actual books. I love to read. Always.
Opening: My home to anyone who needs brunch or coffee. I'll even pick you flowers. (I do love a tea party).
Giggling: At the silly things my kids say. Still.
Feeling: Hopeful. Grateful. Sentimental.

It's been a crazy six years, and it's all here, recorded for posterity. All my stories, the good and the bad. the parties, the fun times, the holidays and celebrations, the laughter, the tears and tantrums, the struggles and the worries. It's a mixed bag, a rollercoaster ride, an adventure we like to call LIFE.

Thanks for being part of it.


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*FIFO= Fly In, Fly Out (a style of blogging which suits me just fine right now)

"Taking Stock" list found on Meet me at Mike's Blog

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