14 October 2014

A Bit of Taking Stock

With the return to school of the masses, normal blog-transmission can now resume. You were probably all far too busy with your own hordes of younglings to notice that it's been "Blog-LITE" round here. Just two posts in two weeks (and even those two required a superhuman effort while the natives cried "I'm bored! get off the computer!")

So now it's the downhill run to the end of the year, the slide into summer, with a sprint to the finish. Part of me loves this time of the year, part of me dreads it. Anyone else with me on that?
I love the longer days, lighter nights, the smell of cut grass, the blossoms on the trees, the warmth in the sunshine. I love that we here in the Southern Hemisphere get to finish the year in Summer, with holidays, camping and beaches. But boy oh boy does it get busy.

Meanwhile in other news, I'm....

[My new lounge suite - I love it. The colour is grey BTW. The photo looks a little purplish]

Enjoying: The feeling of accomplishment after saving up my pay for a new lounge suite.
Looking: At my new couches every time I pass the lounge door and getting a little thrill.
Loving: The clean square retro style, and the way it makes our living room look so awesome.
Giggling: At the way Dash chases everyone off the new couches with their food or drinks (he's relieved to finally have "modern" couches" and wants to keep them looking fab, bless him.)

Feeling: Happy with this pretty little corner of my bedroom, after I swapped some rugs between rooms.
Playing: Way too much PacChomp on my Phone
Wasting: Way too much time playing when I could be... sewing?
Sewing: Nah, who am I kidding. I don't sew.
Wishing: I could sew quilts like Deb, but since I can't I'm glad I have this one she made me, on my chair.

Liking: Watching this kid get "a massage" with the electric sports massager. His facials crack me.
Wondering: When is it my turn?
Wishing: It was still school holidays. I'm ready for summer now.
Hoping: I can juggle all the things, make all the parties, do all the stuff before I run out of days in the year.
Marvelling: At how time races by faster and faster. I'm ALWAYS marvelling at that.
Needing: More energy and a burst of creativity for the big list of things I need to pull off before year's end.

Smelling: The divine scent of my new Needle and Nail bread board. Ahhhhhh, Nature.
Wearing: Swimming togs on Saturday to the hot pools without a qualm. Losing over 12kg will do that.
Noticing: That once you feel lighter, everything is easier and you never want to go back.
Knowing: That if I stick to the (mostly) sugar-free plan, I WON'T go back.

[My take on Petite Kitchen's simple almond cake; recipe coming soon]
Cooking: Lots of sugar free recipes. Who knew healthy could be so delicious?
Drinking: Lots of green tea fruit punch with soda water. 
Inventing: Recipes for green tea fruit punch. Fairy Berry Fizz. Yoda Soda. Sugar free fizzy yumminess.

[Sugar-free "Yoda Soda" at another party "just because"; Star Wars party post coming soon]

Reading: YA dystopian fiction on my Kindle app. Some books are definitely better than others.
Thinking: Some authors need a good slap, when they start off series' so well and end them so poorly.
Feeling: Ripped off by the Maze Runner Trilogy. I feel a Mrs Readalot rant coming on...
Bookmarking: "The Giver" - and hoping it ends better than the Maze Runner series did (and Divergent, for that matter, which had me till right at the end).

Wanting: To finish this post so I can go and get some lunch and read my (hopefully well-concluded) book!
That'll do it for me today; I've done a bit of a catchup, shared a few photos, and made a promise of things to come. Just nobody say *Christmas*. It's way too soon. Eek.

Anyone else thinking the year has gone way too fast?

[Taking Stock List found on Meet me at Mikes blog]

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