07 October 2014

He's Riding His Bike to Build an Orphanage

My Rory husband is currently training to ride his bike 180km from Auckland to the Coromandel, to raise money to build a home for orphans in Manila.

Just this morning he rode 103km, a practise ride before breakfast. I don't know how he does it, out in all weathers. Wind and rain. Biking for hours.

[Rory is training hard - just today he rode 103km on a training ride]

I'm doing my bit to get behind him, by helping spread the word - hence this blog post, and the fundraising page on Give-a-little I have set up for him.

He has a goal of $5000, of which he currently has raised around $1300.
But wait there's more.

He has decided to put his own money where his mouth is as well, and is pledging to match every donation dollar-for-dollar up to his goal amount. Meaning that if we can get the $5000, we'll actually be handing over $10,000.
Meaning that if you give $20 from your pocket, the orphanage build will receive $40.

Rory is doing his cycle in less than two weeks, setting out on his bike, risking his rear end, to ride all the way to the Coromandel from our home. 180km. Can you imagine riding a bike that far? (Can you imagine how much your butt would hurt afterwards?)

[The furthest Rory has ever ridden is 160km, around Lake Taupo]

Then on the 3rd of November Rory is heading off to Manila with a team of builders to actually physically help build the orphanage. We'll miss our wedding anniversary, he'll miss Miss Fab's national cheerleading comps.

But these are teensy sacrifices to make.
As our daughter said when her daddy told her he'd miss her competition, "Dad, it's fine. I mean, if you were missing it just because you were working or busy I'd be mad, but you're going to help little kids who don't have a family so, nup, don't say another word. I don't mind."

[Photos by Meg Cowan]
One day we want to take the kids on one of those trips. Show them how the rest of the world lives; kids don't have what they (we) take so for granted. Help their hearts crack wide open.

In the meantime their dad is setting them a great example, pushing himself physically and mentally to help make a difference.

Here's a video of the work that is already being done by The Children's Garden in Manila, the group that Rory is helping fundraise for. They will be able to do so much more when they have a real home for the children they are helping. This is the video Rory watched which moved him to tears, and motivated him to get involved personally....


It would be so awesome, after reading this and watching the video, if you could give a little. Help spur Rory on his epic ride. Help get the little orphan kids a home.

Thanks, my dear readers. You rock.

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