25 February 2015

R.I.P. Ethel (and HELLO Zippy Mr Terrabyte)

You can't tell, but right now I'm coming to you live from a brand new computer.
Ethel, my old dinosaur, finally gave up the ghost and refused to stay on for longer than 30 seconds, so she had to go.

Ethel has been a part of the family since before Scrag was a twinkle in his daddy's eye.
I started my blog on Ethel, and wrote almost every single post in my lengthy bloglife from her (except the ones where I blogged from exotic destinations like England and China). Every article I excitedly submitted to parenting mag was created on good old Ethel along with my Christmas book, my Etsy shop and every party, printable and invitation  I ever created. I was rather scared that when Ethel died she'd take all my precious files with her... (but thankfully a computer whizz retrieved them and saved me).

I should have known it was time to put Ethel out to pasture when I got the warning from Microsoft that Windows XP would no longer be supported as of a year ago. Yeah, that's right. Windows XP circa 2006. Even my Photoshop was a vintage 2007 Trial version.

Ethel was eight years old - which is about a century in computer years.

After such loyal and lengthy service, Ethel earned her rest, She's now gone to that e-Waste site in the beyond... and I have a shiny new hard-drive with room for ALL my photos, all my Photoshop documents and a brand new version of Photoshop.
Eek! The luxury of having more than one window open at a time! The bliss of knowing your computer won't suddenly switch off in the middle of a sentence...

All this by way of an explanation as to where I've been these past days. I've been computerless, actually, while I waited for Ethel's younger, sleeker replacement.

Actually it's just the guts that have been renewed.

The kids came home excited to see "the new computer" and stared, disappointed at the same old screen and keyboard. (They'll be replaced when they stop working. There's no retirement before death round here).

I was happy to have a prime example to illustrate what I've been trying to tell them for years: it's what's on the inside that counts!

On the inside of my zippy new computer is a terrabyte of memory. I didn't even know what that was. It's a million megabytes, apparently. Should last a while...??!

Anyway I thought I'd just check in, say hi, Let ya know I'm back, equipped with a brand new story-keeper and photo-holder; stories are oozing out my pores, itching to be told.

Now where to begin....? (give me a couple of days to figure stuff out. I'll be back real soooooon...)


P.S. While I was computerless Instagram kept me connected (my favourite social media app). Photos up top include random gratuitous food shots, proud mama moments and the beginning of my foray in to SEWING. Follow me on IG here 

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