21 September 2012

Postcard From China

I didn't think I'd get the chance to blog while on our adventure, but here I am writing to you from China.

Since a picture paints a thousand words I'll keep the words to a minimum and just show you the pictures...

We traveled without mishap or drama. Compared to the marathon trips we've taken to the UK this seemed like a quick hop skip and a jump (a mere eleven hours to Hong Kong plus two more to our final destination).

Best friends reunited amidst much screaming and hugging
(and now sporting "friendship jewellery" of many kinds)

In spite of rain we enjoyed exploring a monastery and ancient town... 
old China as you might imagine it from the movies.

China is fascinating and foreign... yet somehow it feels familiar and even normal to be here

Probably because we are seeing it through the eyes of our friends

There's such a juxtaposition of old and new, ancient and modern.

The blogger in me wants to snap snap snap. 
But the wide-eyed romantic in me just wants to drink in
all the sights and sounds and really just BE HERE.

Of course there's lots of shopping to do in all the little market stalls...

It's amazing to watch Gail bargaining in Chinese. She says she's not that good but I beg to differ. 
I think she's amazing how she's picking up the language. And the kids are amazing too.

All I can manage is "nihao" (hello) and "xiexie" (thankyou).

It's really really not like shopping at St Lukes. It's so much cooler.
(but we'd be completely lost without Gail cos not many people here can speak English)

(The girls invested in some matching fake-Dior frames)

Our western kids draw lots of smiles and attention wherever we go.
Loads of people stop to say hello and ask where we are from. 

Gail tells them we are from "xexelun" (New Zealand) and they often don't know where that is.
So she has to resort to "it's near Australia...?"

It's hard to put into words what its like here. In a word: amazing.

I can totally see why Gail has fallen in love with this place and its people.

I haven't eaten any deep fried bugs yet. But we did meet some pandas...

Fascinating creatures. Gorgeous. We even saw some newborns (who are no bigger than a mouse).

So with a week left of our holiday
It's safe to say we're having a blast.

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