12 September 2012

Lego Creationary (it's like Pictionary but Cooler)

If you had an hour to spare I would list the many multitudinous blessings of being a blogger. But since time is of the essence, I'll give you the headlines: Sometimes you get cool stuff to try out and share with your readers.
Of course one of the very coolest of all is Lego. When Lego sends me a new game to test on my family all of a sudden the kids think it's the coolest thing in the world that their mum is a blogger. For once they don't mind me snapping pictures endlessly - not if it means they get a cool new Lego game to play.

This latest Lego game is, in my opinion, the coolest one they've ever launched.
Think Pictionary, but with Lego.
You roll the dice, pick a card and have to try and create whatever is on the card while the rest of the players guess what on earth you are building.

Here's the official blurb...

Product description: Roll the LEGO® Dice to select one of four exciting building categories: vehicles, buildings, nature or things. With three levels of difficulty you can show off your building skills, while the others guess what you are creating. A great game for family and friends to test your imagination, creativity, building and guessing skills to the max.
Contents: • 1 buildable LEGO Dice • 1 LEGO minifigure • 1 LEGO microfigure • 338 LEGO pieces • 96 cards • 1 rule booklet
Age: From 7 years

When our Lego Creationary game arrived there was great excitement, not least from the youngest family member. Does it matter that he is only four when the recommended age is 7 years-up?? Nah, surely not.

The kids opened the packaging, assembled the dice and sorted the pieces into the handy storage tray while I found the English translation of the Rules. Hmmm, looks simple enough...

Fighting erupts over to my left. Oh-oh. The four-year-old wants to take charge and he's just scattered Lego across the floor. There's a reason this is for older kids, aye?

Never mind. We're sitting down to play a whole-family game of Lego Creationary. Dad will help Scrag, no more dramas. Calm down Scrag, stop crying. You can play OK? But you have to let Daddy help you.
Phew. Crisis averted.

The next half hour or so we picked cards and tried to build what was on them. Miraculously, even though our Lego skills need some work, we all managed to guess most creations correctly and get some points.

We had a good laugh at each others efforts and of course Wrestling erupted part way through the game, but that is to be expected in these parts.
I could totally imagine that this game would work brilliantly at a Lego party (you can have up to eight players). It's almost enough to make me wanna hold a Lego party sometime, just so we can play Creationary. Hmmm, maybe in the school holidays... it doesn't have to be a birthday party, right? (Any excuse for a party round here, you know me).

It would also be a great game to take away camping, for those days when it rains and you're stuck in your tent.

Lego Creationary is set to become a firm family favourite. The proof is in the pudding... what did I walk in the kitchen and see the next morning? One, two, three kids sitting round the dining table with Creationary in the middle, building stuff. Yep, even the four-year-old.

Brilliant game, Lego people - your best yet!

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