10 September 2012

Monday Monday (Best in Blog)

Butterflies in my tummy and tingles in my fingers as we count down the days til we fly off to China. Four sleeps to go. Eeek.
It's Monday now. We fly on Friday night. Me and Miss Fab are off on an epic Mother-Daughter Adventure.
There's a suitcase sitting on my sofa (it's still empty). There's a Chinese Visa in my passport (phew).
My boys are all kissing and hugging me already saying, "We're gonna miss you, mum."
Hubby is getting lessons in online shopping and lunchbox-making.
This is going to be epic.

While I'm away I'll be scheduling posts (I'm thinking I'll be too busy adventuring and hanging with my buddy to blog) so I'm picking a series of stories that share my journey through life. Help you get to know what makes me tick. I think you'll enjoy them, especially if you haven't read them before.

Of course while I'm gone Best in Blog will have to be put on ice... but I'm going to leave the linky open for the next three weeks, so you can still come by each week and link up your best to share with us all. You will find the linky on my sidebar in the [Link up Here] section.

Best of Me
My favourite thing last week was our Sisterhood Ninja Cookie Drop. It just warmed my heart to be part of something like this. I hope you have all gone and voted for Sophie in the People's Choice Awards - imagine what the Sisterhood could do with $10,000???
Also on my list last week was Mrs Readalot's new Bookclub linky which is being hosted by one of my favourite bloggers, Meredy at Count it All Joy. (We'd love you join in with our bookclub fun.)

Best of You
I loved Miriam's idea for getting conversations going around the dinner table - fab! (And how neat is her handwriting??)
I was incredibly moved by Cass's father's day story. Goosebumps from head to toe, tears in my eyes. Wow.
And I was stoked to see my friend Louisa begin blogging with a wonderful introduction to her life story Dancing on Tables. (Thanks everybody who went over and followed her - now she just has to write some more aye?)

Right, now I have to go and prepare for Playgroup, perhaps feed the ducks with Scrag (play while we can) and of course write up a detailed To-Do list in my Paper Brain so I don't forget anything essential... like my passport, or my head.

Have a great week...!

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