01 September 2012

Movie Theme Night: Rio

Every Saturday we will be sharing with you our ideas for family movie nights. Movie reviews and fun theme night ideas.

Our Super-Cool-Fab Review Team...

Our crack team of expert Movie Reviewers are this week reviewing Rio.

We watched this movie last week for our Fun Family Sleepover and it went down well with everyone. The kids had all seen it before at the movies but asked me to order it from Fatso, and since it was one I'd never seen, I was happy to oblige. This is a movie that I really didn't mind watching...

Movie Plot Summary: A nerdy blue McCaw parrot (Blu) is brought to Rio de Janeiro in an effort to prevent extinction of the species... then he and his mate Jewel get bird-napped by smugglers, they escape... and the chase is on. Oh and just to complicate things, Blu never learned to fly. Plenty of action and chase scenes in this one, plus Blu learning to fly is pretty funny.

Here's what our experts have to say about Rio...

Dash. B. Cool: "It was good, it wasn't great, but it was GOOD. It was funny, a bit. I like the part where Brazil vs Argentina in the soccer and Brazil were nearly gonna score and then Blu and Jewel cut off the power line and it cut off all the electricity and that was funny because Brazil were so close to scoring (and everyone's TV's went off)."

Dash scores this movie's "coolness" as: 

Foxy Fab: "I liked it. It was a good movie and it was fascinating. I liked the birds and how Blu learned to fly in the end. The girl bird (Jewel) was pretty."

Foxy rates this movie's "fabness" as: 

Super Scrag: "I liked about it the song where they said 'I wanna party...!' I liked the singing part. It was funny and so cool. There wasn't any scary parts so I think little kids will like this movie. My favourite person in the movie was the bulldog cos I liked him; I liked about him that he was funny."

SuperScrag scores this movie's "super-ness" as: 


This movie is rated (G) and is fine for everyone, no scary bits or themes that are over littlies heads. I think the whole family will enjoy this film, and it's a good choice for a family movie night.

Ideas to Make Your "Rio" Movie Night even more Super-Cool-Fab...

Think Brazillian: BBQ meat, chicken drumsticks and lots and lots of fruit for dinner! For atmosphere, think Carnivale... bright colours, streamers, feathers, confetti, Samba music and dancing. Maybe even a fruit-hat building competition? Or you can do what we did and make a giant bed in the lounge, string up christmas lights, have a pizza picnic and have a Family SleepOver. (Just a word of caution: it's worth hauling in your big bed mattress to sleep on; your back will thank me in the morning, after a night sleeping on the floor!)

What are your best Movie Night Ideas? Send me an email with your ideas (include a picture or link to a blog post if you can) so I can feature it here on Saturday Night at the Movies.

Have a great Saturday!

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