28 August 2012

Surviving a Family Sleepover

It sounds like a load of fun when she suggests it.

"Let's have a family sleepover in the lounge!"

Everyone is enthusiastic, they love the idea of snuggling up and watching movies together camped out in the sitting room. It promises to be a Movie Night on Steroids, with the bonus of family togetherness thrown in.

Kids run in every direction, dragging in camp mattresses, cushions and duvets from all four corners.
Soon we have a colourful cosy-looking giant bed made up on the floor. Room for everyone.
We said, Everyone, Dad. Did you hear that?

We string up some Christmas lights, even light a few candles. No wait. We didn't.
We got the candles out but thought better of lighting them.
(Candles + Blankets + Scrag = Bad Idea)

So now the room is all cosy. We order pizza, spread a tablecloth and have a picnic on our giant bed.
We watch a movie.
Hey! Where has Dad sneaked off to?
Daddy get back in here and watch Rio!

Now it's dark outside, the fire is flickering, the coloured lights casting colourful shadows.
Scrag is already snoring. We turn off the TV and cuddle down.
Ouch, this floor is hard. The elephant foam camp mattress does nothing to save my hip from the boards underneath. I'm sure I remembered this as being good to sleep on last time we went camping?
Hmmm. Must be that sand/grass/dirt is softer than wooden floors.

Eyelids droop. Kids drift off to the land of Nod.
I toss and turn trying to get comfy.
But where is Daddy?

Daddy's not silly. He is asleep in his lovely soft bed. The one he can stretch out in cos he has it all to himself.

The next morning I am aching from head to toe. Back, neck, hips, head.
"Poor ma-ma!" says Scrag, as his old lady mother groans to her feet.

Daddy comes in smiling and walking freely, not an ache or a limp in sight.
He's off on a fifty km cycle now. Up bright and early, full of beans and the joys of almost-Spring.

Daddy take a picture of us in our sleepover bed! We survived the night and the rock hard floor.

Hey, don't try and pretend you were here... you look far too lively to have survived sleeping on the lounge floor!

So. The secret to surviving a family sleepover is... Do Like Daddy Did.

(sleep in your own bed and then fake it for the camera!)


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