18 August 2012

Movie Theme Night: Mr Poppers Penguins

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Our Super-Cool-Fab Review Team...

Our crack team of expert Movie Reviewers are this week reviewing Mr Poppers Penguins.

This is a movie my brother recommended, when we went on holiday with them to the snow recently. His kids love it and think it's hilarious, as does his gorgeous Spanish wife... I must admit it isn't a movie that looked appealing to me, but based on their recommendation I decided to add it to my Fatso Queue. Mostly I use the "Get Now" when ordering movies (because I am so impatient) and usually fill up all my spaces. But this week, there was an opening, and whaddya know? I got sent a movie from my Queue... and it happened to be Mr Popper's Penguins. Perfect for a Family Movie Night...

Movie Plot Summary: This is a movie adaptation of the beloved 1938 children's book, and of course when Hollywood makes a movie, they have to change it up. Mr Popper is now a divorced businessman who can't even get his kids to spend the weekend with him. His estranged father dies and leaves him his penguins and a tale of misunderstanding and mayhem begins. Jim Carrey and a bunch of other less-famous people (and a whole lot of penguins). With Jim Carrey in the mix, you know it's gonna be crazy! But this is also a heartwarming feel-good story about family and love and taking time for the people who matter. 

Here's what our experts have to say about Mr Poppers Penguins...

Dash. B. Cool: "It was a good movie, it was funny and cool. There were some really good parts in it like when the penguins did crazy things. Mr Popper used to be a smart guy and the kids didn't like him but his dad sent him a birthday present of some penguins and once a penguin has got someone they just follow him. And the kids started to like their dad after the penguins came. It was a good story."

Dash scores this movie's "coolness" as: 

Foxy Fab: "I thought it was really good and funny and I liked it when Mr Popper made his apartment into a penguin playground. I liked it when the family rejoined back together because it was nice and Mr Popper lived by himself and it was nice to have a family back together again. My favourite penguins were Captain and Lovey and Stinky. It was good when the penguins did a dance with Mr Popper. I think everybody will love this movie."

Foxy rates this movie's "fabness" as: 

Super Scrag: "I like the snow part when there was snow in the house. It looked fun and I wish I was having a house full of snow and an upstairs. I liked it when the baby penguins hatched. Put your hand up if you like baby penguins? ME!!! I want to give it six stars."

SuperScrag scores this movie's "super-ness" as: 


This movie is one that the grownups enjoyed too. It was a combination of silly, funny and heartwarming. Those penguins really were cute. There were no scary bits, or anything to frighten younger viewers, so this is a great choice for a "whole family" movie night.

Ideas to Make Your "Penguin" Movie Night even more Super-Cool-Fab...

Here are a few simple ideas for a cosy penguin-themed family movie night. No need to go all out with this one, just a couple of easy details can turn the movie night into a theme night.
Fish'n'chips for dinner (how easy is that?); lemonade and vanilla icecream sodas (spiders) for dessert (call them "Icebergs"). For movie snacks serve up a few chocolate fish with the popcorn, then snuggle up under the blankets, dim the lights and roll the movie...

What are your best Movie Night Ideas? Send me an email with your ideas (include a picture or link to a blog post if you can) so I can feature it here on Saturday Night at the Movies.

Have a great Saturday!

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