24 August 2012

It's Friday and I'm Grateful

Friday morning and the sun is shining. Spring is mere days away here in Auckland.
Like nearly every other Tom Dick and Harry, friday is my favourite day of the week.
The day when nothing is scheduled. The day we can chillax and anticipate the weekend.
Mummy and Scrag Day. IceCream Friday. Date Night.
What's not to love?

All this and more makes me say without a hint of any cliche: "Thank God, It's Friday!"

Here's a few little bits and bobs I'm grateful for this week:

  • I love being free to go on Kindy trips with Scrag
  • I love getting to hang out with Scrag's lovely little friends
  • Auckland Museum is FREE ADMISSION again... and so very cool
  • Super glad that these critters don't live in my house...

I've signed up to be a Cookie-Drop Ninja. I love Sophie's Sisterhood and the challenge to support and show love to "Sisters" who need a boost.

I'm going to get the kids helping me bake and decorate and ninja-drop next Saturday morning. Soccer will be over, hubby will be away. We will swoop down on unsuspecting strangers and drop cookies secretly on doorsteps around Auckland. It will be fun!
(Go here to find out how you can be involved, baking or nominating)

Also super glad/grateful that...

  • We made it through a whole week of 7am breakfasts prepared the night before
  • We made it through a whole week of preparing lunchboxes the night before
  • We made it through a whole week of kids doing their chores and making their beds
  • My laundry basket is nearly empty - I'm on top of the washing pile!

Plus... Spring is only a week away.
Freesias are popping up in my garden. Blossoms are appearing on the trees.
My garden is already pruned and weeded in readiness.

The kids have a combined total of 49 stickers and we are just one good deed away from family mini-golf.
For once I feel I am in control on the domestic front - this is no small thing.
I owe this largely to Dash's brainwave, his initiative and our new smooth morning regime.
So very very grateful.
Because as disorganised and unstructured as I am (and I am) I actually need order.
I can't function in chaos.
So when I find a system that works it is a life-saver.
Sticker charts.Pre-prepared lunchboxes.Family Breakfasts.
All these things are saving my life and sanity... and I am truly grateful.

Have a Fab weekend!


[come back tomorrow for another Family Movie Theme Night idea]

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