27 August 2012

It's Monday Again (you know what that means)

How fast can I churn out a post for Best in Blog?
Shall we set the timer?
Here I am at 9.20am on Monday morning. Beds unmade.
Playgroup yet to be set up. Mums and kids due to arrive at 10.00am.
I better type fast.

This morning Dave the Female Cat was sitting up on the kitchen chair like some kind of Egyptian statuette.
(Poor Dave has been on the Outs a bit lately since Dash has developed asthma. No more sleeping on Dash's Bed. Doors slammed in poor Dave's face. She's feeling it.)

Anyway, there's Dave, looking like some kind of serene ancient carving, when the door to Scrag's room creaks. Dave's ears jerk forward and her body tenses.
We all giggle, and Dash says, "Watch out Dave, here comes Scrag!"
I say, "Any second now she's gonna jump and run..." (Dave and Scrag have a history; Scrag loves Dave and wants to hug and squeeze her; Dave - not so much)

Then Dash says: "Dave, you have to learn to overcome your fear!"
and Miss fab says: "Yeah Dave, or you will be trapped by fear all your life!"

Whatthe?? Who have they been listening to, these Wise Young Philosophers?
Sunday School? Shark Boy and Lava Girl?
Whoever it is, it sure made me smile today.

Best of You
Sorry I didn't get to it this week. It was Mad. I promise a double episode next week. Double favs. I'll work hard, I promise.

Best of Me
Well, our new morning regime would have to be my favourite. Lunchboxes made the night before. Breakfast setup the night before and ready to go. All enabling a smoother less shouty morning, where there is time and space to observe The Cat and make deep and meaningful observations first-thing in the morning.

Also popular (but slightly controversial) was "Politically Correct Bullpucky". Lots of comments flying about on that one!

And then... Mrs Readalot Anticipates China - Did you know I'm off to China in three weeks? Me and Miss Fab are heading off on an adventure. Oh and Mrs Readalot's Book Giveaway closes this week. Want a free Book? Join in here to get a free book of your choice.

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