21 August 2012

Breakfast Brilliance (an idea for smooth mornings)

This is a post about a Brilliant Idea - one which is revolutionising our mornings.
I can't take any credit because the idea is not mine.
It came from my kids and they deserve all the credit.
Especially Dash. Who would have thought?

Last week we had a family meeting. Things had gotten a bit ragged around the edges; star charts were being neglected, chores left undone and liberties taken.
There was way too much grumpy and growling, so the family meeting gave us all a chance to say our piece and redraw the boundary lines.

After the meeting, Dash said to me, "Mum you know when Nan looked after us while you were in Australia? Well she used to set the table for breakfast at night time and make our lunchboxes so that the morning wasn't a rush. I reckon we should do that too..."
I'm sure I nodded and smiled and agreed that was indeed a great idea.
Then I promptly went away and forgot all about it.

Sunday evening, Dash brought it up again.
"Mum I really think we should do that, what Nan did. It would be so nice to all have breakfast together as a family instead of rushing around, don't you think?"

Of course I agreed. Anything to make mornings run smoother would be fab.

Dash continued "...and we should make our lunchboxes at night too. Let's do it NOW!"
He jumped up and prodded his sister into action; "Come on Ab let's do it!"
They ran to get their lunchboxes.
OK, so we're really doing this, then???
[It's DARK because it's NIGHTTIME]

Out came all the lunchbox makings and Miss Fab set to work.
Meanwhile, Dash was setting the table for breakfast.
Down went the placemats, out came the cereal boxes. On went a plate, bowl, cup and cutlery for each person. I kept glancing over at Dash's handiwork, as Miss Fab and I put fruit and rolls into boxes.

Dash was bent over the table, writing something.
Then he came over and said, "I have put name tags where everyone is going to sit, OK?"
And he had. A little scrap of paper to identify our seats.
Bless him.

Now he said, "Mum, you need to get up at seven OK? Can you?"
"Well, I'll try," I said.
"Maybe you could write yourself a note?" he suggested.

Ha. Ha.

The next morning Dash was knocking on our door at 7.03am.
Milk and peaches and crumpets, a pot of tea and a jug of milo were added to the table.
Dash poured juice for everyone and we all sat down and ate together.
Chatting over cereal. Sharing last night's dreams over cuppa teas.

"Isn't this great?" Dash said. "We can all be together for breakfast as a family..."

With the lunch boxes already made the night before, all that remained was for the kids to get dressed and make their beds. (Which they actually did for once). No shouting. No panicking.

Such a nice way to start the morning. We could relax and eat and enjoy a leisurely start to the day because
(a) we were up half an hour earlier
(b) the lunchboxes were already made
(c) we were making time and space to eat and talk together instead of rushing
All through breakfast I kept congratulating my son on his leadership; thanking him for his great idea and intitative.

An idea which repeated itself the next day. Once again after dinner, the table was cleared and dishes done by children, then Dash set the breakfast table and we all made lunchboxes.
This morning, another lovely breakfast together, another smooth start to the day.

I could totally get used to this.

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