31 August 2012

On My Plate is A Lot

I found myself having to say no, sorry to several people today. Usually it would have been a yes. But it really had to be a no this time, in spite of how much I hate using the word (pathological people pleaser that I am).

You see, I started listing off all the things I have on my plate in the next two weeks... and it kinda freaked me out. I simply can't take on one single thing more.
Just look at what I'm juggling right now...
  • look after kids on my own while hubby is off skiing
  • speech therapy appointment for child number three (who can't say eff's and ess's)
  • book in eye test for child number two (who can't see the blackboard)
  • pick up hubby from airport and wave him off again 6 hours later for a blokes weekend
  • pick up visas from Chinese consulate
  • bake four batches of cookies for ninja cookie drop
  • ninja drop four batches of cookies to secret locations around auckland
  • get birthday prezzies for the latest birthday parties the kids are attending
  • get awesome touching father's day gifts for father and hubby for this sunday
  • get food for awesome brekky-in-bed for the hubby who's been skiing all week
  • make sure hubby has an awesome fathers day (even though he's been skiing all week)
  • write my article for Parenting mag Christmas issue
  • meet with marketing peeps and make friends for life (or at least impress them with my wit and humour)
  • manage Summer Netball team
  • keep blog up to date (enough so I don't lose all my hard-won readers)
  • keep the house clean (enough so hubby doesn't think I didn't cope while he was skiing)
  • cook a meal every single day that is nutritionally sound and which my kids will eat
  • deliver fully-clothed, well-fed children to learning centres ready to embark on life's great educational adventure
  • complete assessment appointments for my child with suspected dyslexia
  • visit school umpteen times to discuss said child
  • remember to breathe
  • collapse in a heap and ask "when is it mother's day again?"
So you can see why I couldn't say yes, much as I wanted to help.

Yep, I'm sure I'll be pretty much doing everything at the last minute and hoping I survive long enough to stagger on board that flight to Hong Kong in two weeks time. I'll be ready to kick back and have a break from the daily grind. (I'll have earned it, dontcha reckon?)


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